Have you ever longed to start your own business? Owning and operating your own commercial establishment seems like THE dream. But to become one, you need massive capital to get your business off the ground, and not everyone can raise such a huge amount. However, you can still run a business, although not your own, and reap huge profits in the process.

How is this possible, you ask? By becoming a virtual assistant (VA) or a remote account manager for Amazon sellers, of course! Without taking out loans or spending your own savings to use as capital, you can run and manage the day-to-day operations of an Amazon business. Selling on Amazon has been proven to be a very lucrative venture. It’s time to claim your slice of the cake!

The first step in this long VA journey is to enroll in selling on Amazon courses. If you think you can manage without enrolling in one, let us persuade you otherwise. Read on for a thorough primer on learning from an Amazon selling course!

Reason 1: Start From Square One

Do Amazon jargon like Buy Box, private label, Brand Registry, and Amazon FBA intimidate you? Exclusive terms like these can quickly become confusing if you’re new to any field, industry, or profession. So rather than learning as you go, which can lead to many and potentially regrettable mistakes, you can take a course that will guide you by the hand from square one.

An Amazon selling course doesn’t assume that you already know the fundamentals of Amazon selling. Instead, the Amazon online selling course supposes that everyone taking it knows nothing about ecommerce, Amazon, and the VA industry. So if you’re looking for where to begin, an Amazon VA course will surely help you get a head start despite being an absolute beginner.

Reason 2: Paced for Beginners

As you may already know, there could be hundreds to thousands of Amazon VA courses online. Unfortunately, not all of them were written for beginners. Some expect intermediate knowledge resulting in a pace that is too fast for newbies. Meanwhile, others dwell too much on each module, making the pace too slow, which can make anyone lose interest.

Course providers thoughtfully planned the structure of the Amazon VA courses they offer. They make it so that these online courses follow a pace that any beginner can be comfortable with. Each module of the course seamlessly transitions from the one before it while laying down the foundation for the next.

Reason 3: Learn From the Best

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Anyone can do a quick Google search and read the articles on Amazon’s very own Seller University. However, you can’t trust every piece of information you read on the internet. People looking to make a quick buck off VA novices like you deliberately spread poor-quality and even misleading resources to get you to click on their website.

The best Amazon selling courses are written by the most experienced Amazon sellers in the industry. You can’t find golden nuggets of information anywhere besides these ecommerce industry experts. These valuable pieces of information stem from their years of experience in the industry, making them extra practical and valuable for newbies like you. A quick search online can lead you to masterclasses from Tom Wang, Kevin King, Tim Sanders, Jim Cockrum, and others. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find an all-in course to propel you into the Amazon account management career path? Read further for our solution.

Reason 4: Get Certified

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You can certainly learn everything about providing virtual assistance services from the internet. For instance, you can read and learn from blogs written by virtual assistants and remote account managers. These can hold valuable practical knowledge that may help you in the least expected situations. But are they enough to win over clients and trust you with their Amazon business?

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client. Do you think you would trust someone with zero experience in the Amazon marketplace with managing your business? Now, if you want to close a deal with your first-ever client, you must have something to attest to your competence and skills. Fortunately, Amazon VA courses issue certificates once you finish their online training course.

Reason 5: Receive Feedback

Once you start your Amazon VA journey, you can consume all the VA resources you can get your hands on. Some of these VA materials might be helpful, while others may be a mere waste of your time. However, no matter how much information you consume, nothing beats the lessons you can gain from practical experience supplemented by one-on-one coaching.

Some Amazon seller training courses offer coaching services in addition to their course modules. These coaching sessions let you enjoy a more hands-on and personalized learning experience. In these coaching sessions, seasoned instructors can monitor your progress and provide valuable feedback.

Reason 6: Helps You Become Confident

If you took the cheapskate route, you would have already read so many free Amazon VA blogs by now. But have these blog posts helped you make a significant leap towards becoming a virtual assistant or remote account manager? It is highly unlikely that they did. Reading bits and pieces of information about VA seems like completing a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces.

Despite spending too much time consuming all this information, did you feel more confident about taking up a virtual assistant job? Probably not. Your time would have been spent better if you enrolled and completed an Amazon VA online course instead. Such a course will give you a solid foundation on what you need to know, such as product listing and customer service, before accepting your very first client.

Reason 7: Learn With Peers

Unless you’re a highly motivated individual, embarking on the long and winding road of becoming a virtual assistant will burn you out. Whether due to learning fatigue or procrastination, you will eventually stop reading VA blogs and watching video tutorials. Indeed, self-learning isn’t for everyone, especially those who need constant motivation to push themselves through.

Fortunately, enrolling in an Amazon boot camp also means joining a community of VA novices like yourself. Simply put, you are all in the same boat, which can potentially work in your favor. For instance, your peers can hold you accountable for your progress or lack thereof. Furthermore, you can encourage each other to finish all the course modules and complete the entire course.

Reason 8: Master Amazon Fulfillment

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If you think the ecommerce industry is already difficult as it is, Amazon FBA might quickly overwhelm you. Amazon FBA is short for Fulfillment by Amazon, which is a program that your client can sign up for. Instead of having to maintain your own warehouse and do order fulfillment yourself, you can let Amazon do the hard work for you.

The best Amazon FBA course will teach you how to deal with Amazon FBA and determine whether joining the program is the right course for your client’s Amazon business. Moreover, the right Amazon training will help your client’s business remain competitive in the already saturated Amazon marketplace.

Reason 9: Become More Hireable

You don’t need a college degree to become an Amazon virtual assistant. Instead, your skills, experience, and work ethic can all help you to become a successful virtual assistant. However, the market is already saturated with VA candidates. So how can you make potential clients notice you? First, complete a VA course and earn yourself a certificate!

Reason 10: Stay Updated

The ecommerce world is always evolving. As a result, there will always be something for you to learn about. Be it changes on the UI of the Amazon platform or Amazon Fulfillment policies, you should always be on top of these changes. An updated VA course will help you keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

However, you should check whether the course provider regularly updates their courses. As you search for courses online, you will encounter some courses that contain outdated modules. These modules contain information that could have been useful five years ago but not today.

The Bottom Line

The world of ecommerce will be difficult to master without help. If you ever hope to get your first-ever client as a virtual assistant, you should know the ins and outs of this industry. An Amazon online selling course can do just that! These online courses will give you the skills you need to become a successful Amazon seller VA with not only one but multiple clients.

Most VA courses over the internet bear a ridiculously expensive price tag. So if you’re a budding virtual assistant with little to no cash on hand, don’t lose hope just yet! Digital Academy offers a 10-module training course that will transform you from being a complete beginner to an Amazon marketplace superhero! 

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