One of the most effective ways to be successful in an endeavor like ecommerce is to learn from the experiences of those who have already tried it. Learn from the greats, the pioneers. Furthermore, it is important to listen very carefully and take note of every effective technique that will help you succeed. You will also need to note any common mistakes and try your best to avoid them.

The same thing applies to Amazon FBA. Learning from personal accounts and tips from successful FBA sellers and account managers, including your own experience, can increase your value as an ecommerce professional. You can expand your knowledge with an Amazon seller training course, ideally one with lifetime access to solutions that will help your clients not only survive but flourish in the cutthroat Amazon marketplace.

Dive deeper into this article to learn the 7 Amazon FBA tips applied by the most competitive sellers and experts on Amazon.

Tip #1: Dig More With Product Research

Your clients should know everything about the products they will list, market, and sell. Most successful Amazon FBA sellers prefer small and steady-supply goods that can be air-shipped. According to these sellers, the last thing they want for their products is to be out of stock, which can affect their rankings and give their competitors an advantage. One of the most basic tips you’ll learn from an Amazon FBA full course is to keep your FBA inventory fully stocked, but it’s also a matter of finding the right product. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind:

  1. You have to remind your clients to choose products with a low potential for defects and returns. Securing the product quality can save a lot of money and promote a positive customer experience that you can convert into positive feedback.
  1. Encourage your clients to choose a profitable product with a great margin. This doesn’t mean merely selling lower-cost items for a steep price but also factoring in selling points to justify it. This approach will give your clients a bigger budget for digital marketing like Amazon PPC and a competitive advantage as soon as they hit the market.
  1. For a platform as competitive as Amazon, you’ll want your clients to avoid products that are too trendy because you run the risk of having extremely low margins and not enough profit to sustain the business. 

Instead, innovate—introduce new products that give good benefits, appeal, and the potential for longevity. Being an original brand that brings a fresh, new, and hot product to the marketplace can do wonders for your account health.

Tip #2: Build Engaging Product Listings

When you create product listings for your clients, they must be complete from start to end—this means having a high-quality and engaging set of product photos and SEO-optimized titles and descriptions. As an account manager and expert, you’ll also want to connect your client to Amazon’s built-in features like Amazon Brand Registry and A+ Content to secure your credibility and widen your reach.

To have a better and more attractive main image, suggest computer-rendered photos if a product photoshoot is out of budget. Don't forget to include a Q&A section on the product description page. 

In the digital age, where you’ll find reviews of your products on every social media platform, you’ll want to be thorough with your descriptions. Be very clear with how to install the product or any maintenance instructions to avoid negative reviews.

There are so many tactics your client can execute to draw more attention to the product. One good tactic is having a product demo video. Ensure that it contains useful information about the product, like how to use and maintain it.

Tip #3: Be Careful Working with Suppliers

Most Amazon private label sellers are probably sourcing their products from other countries. If your clients plan to source, there is a big possibility that their chosen manufacturers will compete directly with them because they know their secrets and wholesale formula. Some low-quality manufacturers are killing the Amazon FBA; they can copy your client's ideas and sell them for a cheaper price.

Give your clients alternative countries where they can work with affordable yet quality manufacturers. There are manufacturers that can offer the same price or lower with better quality.

Tip #4: Learn How to Negotiate Effectively

Your clients want to win even before the game starts, so you can remind them that there are many manufacturers for the products they want to source. To prove their negotiation skill, they will have to communicate their needs and goals effectively with various manufacturers. And how will they do it?

Be bold enough to compare pricing from different manufacturers and select the one that offers a low-cost yet high-quality item. Manufacturers have a canned line that what they offer is the rock-bottom price. Don't fall for it—motivate your clients to push as hard as they can and gain the advantage before even launching their product listing.

Tip #5: Shipping and Packaging

A great way to save a lot of money is to ensure that the products are packaged in the smallest footprint possible. Doing so allows your clients to fit more units per case, leading to a much more affordable unit price.

Another tip is restricting the package to less than 0.75 inches in height, which qualifies for Amazon's Small and Light FBA feature. It can also save you money because Amazon packages are rated according to size. 

Tip #6: Harness the Power of Social Media

Encourage your clients to create social media accounts even before selling via Amazon FBA. Social media can be their ultimate weapon in winning customers. By posting relevant product content and creating winning social media strategies, your clients can reach a wider audience and rack up high profits. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube are some of the most popular platforms where you can help your clients market their products.

Make it also a goal to amass as many reviews as possible. The more sales your clients get, the higher they rank on Amazon, and the better your account health is.

Tip #7: Apply Some Strategies as You Launch

During the launch, your clients can use the following strategies:

  1. Launch your product at a break-even price point. Selling the product at a tempting price without compromising the quality will boost your client's brand.
  2. Launch with a bundle. Just ensure that the inclusions are so attractive that they make it difficult for your competitors to compete with your client. Make a better offer.

From an Expert's Perspective…

Beginning from a very small process and builds upon itself, and then becomes even larger and larger—it's the snowball effect. Amazon sellers can apply this approach, especially if they are new to the marketplace. They can start to sell their products at the lowest price possible, even without profit, just to promote their brands.
Once they prove that their brands offer quality products for a very affordable price, sellers can gradually increase their prices and even venture to other product listings once their brands are established.
By applying the snowball effect, your clients can be as successful as Kevin King, Jim Cockrum, Tim Sanders, Matt Clark, Stephen Somers, Greg Mercer, Kevin Davide (founder of FBA Ninja/Zon Ninja), and Sophie Howard (founder of Blue Sky Amazon).
These icons and experts in the Amazon selling business had already written their own books, launched their own online channels to teach Amazon FBA course online, constructed their FBA Amazon course, and spoken at hundreds of business symposiums and Amazon training sessions.
You can also motivate your clients by relating them to the pioneers of Amazon FBA selling.

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