Working as a virtual assistant is an incredible profession. You can do various things for a business—from scheduling appointments to making phone calls—ensuring they don't miss out on anything important despite their hectic schedules. 

It's an impressive job, but it gets difficult when you have more customers on your plate. New challenges emerge, but they all boil down to one major issue: managing time. If dealing with a single client fills your work calendar, what if there are more to come? What if it's in a fast-paced, massive environment like the Amazon marketplace? 

You must plan for and anticipate being swamped with work. We want to help you prepare for this exciting but daunting challenge, so we've provided you with this article about time management. Find out what an Amazon virtual job training can help a busy VA with!

What a Virtual Assistant Amazon Training Can Teach You About Time Management 

Time is gold for Amazon VAs. Your role in a business is to keep things moving and ensure that nothing goes wrong and problems are fixed as soon as possible. If you don't manage your time well, you'll end up hurting someone else's business and, eventually, your virtual career.

But don't worry; you can avoid that path with a simple but effective technique: time management. It's one of the most important skills an Amazon VA should have, and here's how to master it through an online virtual assistance course!

Taking Advantage of Flexible Hours

One of the merits of remote or virtual working is that you don't have to follow the typical 8-hour shift. Instead, you're free to set your own business hours. Luckily, most Amazon jobs offer flexible hours to promote work-life balance. That said, remember that these vary depending on your tasks and client; ultimately, it's all about reaching an agreement that benefits both parties.

Building a Designated Workspace

Remember, virtual assistance is a remote or home job. If you're the type to get easily distracted when working from home, it's time to break the habit. You can begin by setting up a mini-office that will motivate you and make you feel like you're working. Avoid areas where you're tempted to procrastinate, such as the bed, kitchen, or living room couch.

Scheduling Tasks Based on Priority

If you're going to work for Amazon sellers, anticipate heavy workloads. This is especially true if you choose account management; you may have to juggle managing the seller's account with developing marketing strategies to maintain progress. So, to complete them all without rushing, prioritize your tasks based on the urgency, importance, and flexibility of the due date.

Establishing a Productive Routine

Working for a customer-centric company exposes you to unpredictable changes. You can't do much about that, which is frustrating because it can disrupt your schedule and productivity. Establishing a routine will help you adjust without stressing over these changes. You'll control your schedule and carry out daily tasks while making reasonable adjustments.

Integrating Effective Tools

No matter how diligent you work, you're still human; sometimes, it's not enough to get the job done. Hence, you must integrate management tools and systems like Helium 10 to make Amazon work tasks easier and faster to complete. This also allows both parties to have independent access and avoid constant calls and emails about every minor detail.

Setting Time Limits

A VA's well-established routine has a time limit for each task. It allows you to complete all of your tasks while avoiding the temptation to procrastinate. And if you get stuck on a particular activity, you can always move on to the next one and return to it later. That way, you can minimize leaving unfinished work and boost your productivity further.

Making Time for Reflection

What is the highlight of today's shift? What are the challenges, and were you able to overcome them? If not, why? Keeping track of these details can help you improve your VA skills. Make it a habit to jot down notes about your day at the end of your shift or between breaks. This allows you to address any time-related issues so they don't disrupt your schedule moving forward.

Saying No, Taking Breaks, and the Value of “One at a Time”

Finally, you must not forget to take care of yourself. Working in the Amazon management sector can be exhausting, especially since you help more than one seller on the platform. Remember, you also need to rest! When necessary, decline a request, take 10-minute breaks, and complete tasks one at a time. Otherwise, your body will tell you to do so, which will not be pleasant.


Landing a virtual job on a huge place like Amazon is a fantastic achievement. However, no matter how good it can be, there will always be difficulties along the way. Managing your time is one of them. Eventually, you'll have to deal with multiple clients, and more and more tasks will pour in. 

You must be ready to face and overcome challenges in times like this. If you're starting from scratch, an Amazon VA or management course can help hone your time management skills.

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