If you're thinking of becoming an Amazon virtual assistant or are just curious about what the course entails, you're in luck. This post will give you a rundown of the top five things you can expect to learn in Amazon virtual assistant classes. Whether you're looking to boost your career or just want to learn more about the role, this read will fill you in on the details!

General Virtual Assistant Training

Being a virtual assistant is an incredibly rewarding career. As a virtual assistant, you will work with various clients and businesses while being your own boss.

The first thing you will learn in Amazon VA classes is general virtual assistant training. This includes learning how to be an effective virtual assistant, setting up your workspace, and managing your time. 

You will also learn how to use various software programs and tools, such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite. In addition, you will learn how to handle client inquiries and requests, as well as how to manage your own workload. VA foundations are important before you focus on a niche.

Different Types of Amazon Seller Accounts

As a virtual assistant for Amazon sellers, it's important to understand the different types of Amazon seller accounts. There are individual and professional plans, each with tools for a specific seller account.

In Amazon VA classes, you'll learn all about the different features of professional seller accounts and how to use them to your advantage. To give you an overview, here are the differences between the two plans:

Individual Plan

An individual seller account is best for people looking to sell less than 40 items monthly. There is no subscription fee, but there's a $0.99 fee per item sold and other selling fees.

Professional Plan

The professional plan is for those businesses selling more than 40 items monthly. The monthly fee is $39.99, but your client doesn't need to pay the $0.99 per item sold fee.

However, they will still have to pay other selling fees such as FBA fees, high-volume listing fees, referral fees, and rental service fees. Professional account owners get access to advanced tools and reports to better optimize their Amazon store.

Amazon Tools and Services

Amazon offers a variety of tools and services to help businesses grow. When you enroll in an Amazon virtual assistant course, you'll learn how to use these resources to your advantage. The individual and professional plans we discussed are an excellent way to get started. You'll learn about Amazon FBA, Amazon Web Services (a cloud computing platform), and inventory management tools.

You will also learn how to use research tools for marketing, analysis, and SEO. But we’re only at the tip of the iceberg. You'll be using many tools to manage and grow an Amazon Seller store efficiently. Mastery of these tools is crucial and is one of the skills you will rely on how to become a VA for Amazon sellers.

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Basics of Digital Marketing and Selling on Amazon

Before you begin managing a store on Amazon, it's important to understand the basics of digital marketing and how to create a product listing that will help your clients sell their products. Marketing allows you to reach the right audience and boost your sales. First, however, it's essential to comprehend the basics of how the platform works before getting started.

This involves writing a product description, choosing keywords, and setting a price. You'll also need to source photos of the products you're listing and upload them. After the product listing is complete, it's time to market the products. 

Amazon offers a variety of marketing tools that can help you get started, including pay-per-click advertising and Amazon Prime. Once you've started getting some sales, it's important to focus on building up customer reviews. 

You'll learn all of these by signing up for a virtual assistant course.

Client Acquisition & Self Branding

You must be able to market yourself and acquire new clients to be a successful virtual assistant. Self-branding is a necessary part of this process. By creating and maintaining a strong individual brand, you will be able to attract more clients and build a successful career. Branding is extremely important when it comes to client acquisition because this is how you bring value to potential clients and make a name for yourself in the industry.

You will also learn things like identifying your target market, understanding their needs, and building a strong relationship with them. In the digital era, it is imperative that you’re able to brand yourself to stand out from the rest and become a fully booked VA. These virtual assistant classes will provide you with the skill you need to do just that.

How to Be An Amazon Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have the luxury to work from anywhere and are often able to set their own hours. Who wouldn't love that? But if you're interested in becoming an Amazon virtual assistant, you'll need to do these things.

First, sign up for classes. Many online courses will teach you everything you need to know about being a virtual assistant, from the basics of customer service to more complex skills like bookkeeping and marketing. In addition, there are online academies that offer a variety of courses, so take your time and choose the one that's right for you.

Once you've completed your virtual assistant training course, you'll need to get your name out there. A great way to do this is to create a website or blog where you can showcase your skills and highlight your experience. Then, you can start reaching out to clients, setting up profiles on job markets, and presenting yourself as a professional on sites like LinkedIn.

When you're applying for jobs, be sure to highlight your strengths and include a link to your online portfolio. Then, with some hard work and dedication, you can land the job you want and start making money as an Amazon virtual assistant.

Take the First Step Towards Freedom

It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and feel stuck in a rut. But it's important to remember that you always have the power to change your situation. So if you're feeling trapped by your 9-to-5 job, why not take the first step towards freedom?

Sign up for the Amazon Account Manager Certification and Freedom Ticket 2.0 courses today! These courses will teach you all you need to know about selling on Amazon and becoming an Amazon virtual assistant. Best of all, you can take these courses at your own pace. 

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