Learning the aspects of Amazon selling can be discouraging for an aspiring Amazon VA or account manager. The amount of information on this eCommerce platform is mind-numbing, plus its wide system comes with endless traps and pitfalls. 

But one thing is certain—these days, thousands of Amazon seller training courses promise to help you handle it right. Finding the best one, on the other hand, is up to you. Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered.

If you want to fast-track your career as an Amazon professional, you’ll want to invest your time and money in not just any seller course but an effective one. So in this article, we will teach you how to determine the telltale signs and make the right call when choosing an online Amazon selling course. Let’s get to it, shall we?

#1 The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course Should Be Purpose-Driven

Most aspiring Amazon business students do not know what they want to achieve once they enter an Amazon online course. Perhaps they only want to validate their superior skills over an eCommerce platform.

A great Amazon seller course will help you identify your real purpose in many ways:

  • It will highlight how to get into the mindset of a professional Amazon seller who knows how to sell on the marketplace.
  • It will explain the real pillars of becoming a successful Amazon account manager.
  • It will share the financial gains and expertise you'll grasp in this growing industry.

This attribute is something most Amazon seller training courses lack naturally. So if you think an online Amazon course shapes your professional goal, grab it as soon as possible!

#2 It Builds Your Self-Esteem and Soft Skills

Indeed, many prospective and seasoned learners sign up for Amazon courses because they want to brush up on their soft skills while building their self-esteem.

Refining your self-confidence and soft skills is the first step to becoming the ultimate business partner of Amazon sellers. Your performance on Amazon will improve as your self-confidence grows.

How will the ultimate Amazon seller program help you in these areas?

  • It will support your desire to learn Amazon best practices and problem-solving.
  • It will help you navigate Amazon's complex technical requirements.
  • It will help boost your clients' sales and take their businesses to new heights. 
  • It will bring advantageous improvements to your career and mindset as an Amazon professional.

The more you exercise your confidence, the stronger it gets. All you need is the right program to hone it.

#3 It Educates You on the ABCs of Amazon Account Management

An Amazon seller training course is integral to your path toward becoming a successful Amazon account manager or VA. If the course covers account management in its entirety, you should consider enrolling in it. Here are two non-negotiable topics you must find:

Launching an Account

Even if it's basic knowledge for seasoned Amazon experts, the best program should include a module on Amazon seller account creation. Once you have successfully launched an Amazon seller account, here's what your instructors will teach you next:

  • Logging into Amazon Seller Central with the right credentials
  • Navigating the Amazon Seller Central Account Management page, where you can set up important settings such as tax and shipping fees
  • Optimizing your product listings using built-in Amazon features 

Account Health

The best Amazon seller course will tell you that you can't just create an Amazon seller account and immediately start selling. You also must be adept at monitoring your client's account.

One example is learning about Account Health. This dashboard tracks your inventory, sales, and profitability. It also presents how the business account performs compared with other Amazon sellers. Here are other key insights you’ll find on the Account Health dashboard:

  • Days with the most traffic and sales
  • Most successful products
  • Items taken off the product listings
  • Policy infractions incurred

By keeping an eye out for these insights, you'll see what's going on with your client’s Amazon account, ensure it's performing at its best, and make necessary adjustments otherwise.

#4 It Identifies Different Types of Amazon Sellers

You can tell if an online Amazon selling course has a lot of expertise if it can identify the different types of sellers on the ecommerce platform. This is how Amazon describes each one:

Amazon FBA Sellers

Under an Amazon FBA business, the products are stored in a designated warehouse where Amazon handles the sorting, packing, shipping, and inventory management. Businesses pay additional fees to let Amazon handle most of the operations. 

Unfortunately, if something goes wrong with the products beyond your care, you’ll need to contact Amazon FBA customer service for clarification.

Retail Arbitrage Sellers

Other prospective clients might depend on buying products at a lower price and selling them at a higher price on Amazon. This model is also called retail arbitrage.

There are two types of online arbitrage sellers: The first type buys items from wholesalers at discounted rates and resells them on Amazon for a standard or higher price. Some sellers have special access to profitable items before they are made available to the general public, and they can buy them in bulk at a discounted rate. 

The second type is called "drop shipping" or "vendor-driven arbitrage" because it involves sourcing products from third-party vendors or manufacturers and reselling them on Amazon. Unfortunately, it involves more work since sourcing and packaging products require time and effort.

Private Label Sellers

Private label sellers have a niche product they create and sell on Amazon to earn a profit. This strategy can be especially helpful for someone with a creative mind to self-produce the items or look for custom manufacturers to materialize their vision.

#5 It Teaches You How to Make a Product Profitable

People often think Amazon is a one-size-fits-all business strategy, but it's the exact opposite. To see the best results from a business, you must learn how to market products on Amazon in many different ways. 

If a professional instructor has a lot of knowledge about product listing, keywords, and advertising, then you might be in for a treat. Here’s a mini primer on what to expect in this module:

Optimizing Product Listings

A knowledgeable Amazon expert will recognize the struggles of aspiring Amazon managers when it comes to product listings. When someone doesn't know exactly how to leverage the system, they post their product listings out blindly, hoping for a lot of success but getting none of it.

This module should teach you how to promote a specific product using the right Amazon tools. 

Product Keyword Research and SEO

Amazon's sales ranking is a big factor in how well an Amazon business performs on the platform. Therefore, you must find SEO-rich keywords to get your products out there and into your target market’s radar.

Amazon PPC and Search Engine Optimization are two of the cornerstones of product research. Most businesses want to use this to target particular keywords and show up in both Amazon's search results when creating product ads.

You'll learn how to track the effectiveness of their advertising to determine which particular ads generate conversions and show relevant products to Amazon consumers.

#6 It Lets You Explore Other Amazon Skills

If the Amazon course you've chosen allows you to understand the ins and outs of the market in various ways, then we can conclude that you've made the right choice. It will not only teach you the best practices of managing an Amazon account but also important hard skills like the following:

  • Data Analysis
  • Product Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Web Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Inventory Management

In other words, It's ideal for an Amazon course to gear their students on ecommerce proficiency rather than just one specific skill.

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a student reading the discussion outline under the ultimate Amazon seller course

Given the tough competition and potential problems and losses that may arise, Amazon can be an intimidating process for everyone. There’s a reason why newbie sellers do not want to launch their businesses on this platform or even hire an Amazon VA or account manager to do most of the work for them. Everyone knows about the world’s biggest ecommerce retailer, but the truth is, only a few businesses really succeed in it.

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