You hear a friend enthusiastically discussing plans to sell a new product on Amazon. Trying to make a name for yourself in a large ecommerce marketplace is quite a venture. But, they're confident that their product is trendy and necessary enough to generate sales. 

You may even agree with them, but what does the market think? Before committing to a product to sell, you must consider several factors. That's because once the product is out, it's up to the market's evaluation. Will people be interested in the product, and will they buy it? 

As an aspiring account manager, one of your responsibilities would be helping your clients find a profitable product for their Amazon business. You call it product research, and here's how you can help provide comprehensive Amazon training for sellers. 

How Does Product Research on Amazon Work? 

Product research on Amazon is the process of looking for profitable products to sell on the platform. It helps you determine the potential of your client's Amazon FBA business in the real market setting. 

This type of research entails gathering and analyzing market data to give you and your client an idea of a particular item's success before committing to it.

Product research can help your client in a variety of ways, including:

  • Understanding the demand for the product niche in which they will compete
  • Choosing a product that has proven to be successful or profitable in the past
  • Familiarizing themselves with their future competitors
  • Discovering how often the interest in a product changes over time
  • Learning more about competitive pricing and finding the best price for their products
  • Getting ideas on continuously improving performance to keep up with the ever-changing consumer demands
  • Finding out how much the online seller can potentially earn from selling the product
  • Finding out the sourcing cost of the product

It's easy to see why product research is necessary before letting your Amazon client begin their selling journey. It will give them an advantage over the competition and save you and your client from the risks of a faulty product launch.

How to Provide the Best Amazon Seller Training on Product Research for Your Client

Do you want to help your client master the art of product research? First, you must gain enough proficiency and practice, and you can start with this Amazon seller training article! 

Let's discuss five things you can help a small business seller when looking for a winning Amazon product.

1) Help Them Understand Why It Matters

Your client will be more motivated if they understand why they must learn and conduct product research before launching. If it's their first time selling on Amazon, they’re unlikely to know what that is and why it matters. As the Amazon expert, be proactive and tell them why it's a necessary step. 

Many new sellers get carried away with their venture. They worry about many things at once— Amazon FBA fulfillment regulations, strict suspension policies, the tough competition—it can be overwhelming. But what about the product they're selling? Redirect their attention by explaining that having a profitable product right off the bat can help ease those worries.

2) Explain What Makes a Winning Amazon Product

You and your client must understand the criteria of a profitable Amazon product for effective research. What makes a selling item? On Amazon, a product must meet the following standards:

  • Small and lightweight 
  • Free of legal issues
  • Low competition and seasonality
  • High-demand
  • Has over 50,000 monthly searches
  • No brand restrictions
  • Has a decent price (the range may depend on the product's category)
  • Gets decent daily Amazon sales
  • Reasonable profit margins
  • Decent ranking that you can still enhance

These are just some of the most common characteristics of a winning Amazon product. Naturally, you'll find more qualities as you go on with your research. 

3) Teach Them About Manual Product Research

You can conduct product research in two ways: manual and automated. It's not about choosing one because both methods will make the process more effective. The manual research method is not difficult for beginners, but it certainly takes time and hands-on practice. 

It involves several techniques, such as looking at Amazon's best-seller list, Amazon basics, or Amazon's Movers and Shakers, exploring retail stores, analyzing product listings, and browsing products on other sites like Shopify and Pinterest. Help your client get ideas on which products are most popular and decide if they'd want to sell any of those.

4) Know When to Use Automated Tools

After teaching them how to research products manually, train them to use automated tools to save more time and increase efficiency. One of the greatest merits of product research tools is that they can look for in-depth information in seconds or minutes. 

Moreover, some of them are available for free! Some examples of these tools are Google's Keyword Planner, Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Ahrefs, and other commonly used research tools for Amazon sellers. They're fairly easy to use, but if your client has difficulty exploring them, it’s great that you are there to help.

5) Emphasize Competitor Analysis

Your client may regard their competitors as nothing more than rivals in the same product and market niche. While this is true, they should also be aware that analyzing competitors is beneficial in developing ideas for a good product to sell. Plus, you get to know their strengths and weaknesses, helping you plan out an effective marketing strategy.

How do you conduct competitor product research? You can go the manual route by visiting their Amazon store and product listing and comparing which one is superior in a specific area. At the same time, you can teach your client to run the competitor's domains on automated tools like Ahrefs or Helium 10.

6) Always Make Yourself Available and Approachable

If you look up Amazon product research tips, you'll find one that says, "hire product research freelancers or companies." This is because the process requires time and expertise, and sellers will struggle to do it all on their own. But in your case, sellers don't need to look for them because they already have you, their professional seller account manager, to assist them.

Some might hesitate to ask questions or clarify certain matters, so always make yourself approachable. Encourage them to keep reaching out no matter how small the concern is. After all, prevention is always preferable to cure. Make them feel at ease when communicating, and ensure you're on the same page after each consultation.

A Preview of the 5 Most Popular Amazon Product Research Tools

Every successful Amazon seller has an expert and a tool behind them. They may be experts in their own right, but it is unlikely that they did so without the aid of a single tool. So, if you want to help your client achieve their business goals on the Amazon marketplace, you must understand which tools can best assist you.

Here are five popular tools you can try for Amazon product research:

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a one-stop shop for various product research tools, and it offers free and paid plans, making it one of the most popular tools among sellers. Examples of its product research tools include Black Box, Trendster, Xray, and Profitability calculator. Moreover, it's end-to-end software, so you'll less likely need another tool. 

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the go-to if you need a more beginner-friendly Amazon tool. This platform's layout makes viewing necessary data easier and saves time for other tasks. It also offers four product research tools: Product and Supplier databases, Keyword Scout, and Product Tracker. While it doesn't offer a free plan, you're given a 7-day free trial before officially using it.


Sonar is a free Amazon keyword research tool that offers standard and extended search features. You can use it to search for specific keywords or products in a massive and constantly updated database. Consequently, you can locate high-ranking search terms and competitors and devise a strategy for increasing organic and paid rankings.

Viral Launch

This is an advanced tool, so it will be more useful to an experienced Amazon FBA seller or AM. Viral Launch is a high-level intelligence system you can use to keep up with the market, run Amazon PPC campaigns, and launch products successfully. It's available for non-US markets and offers product research features like Product Discovery, Market Intelligence, Competitor Intelligence, and Keyword Research.


Want a colorful product research tool with fancy terms in it? Then ZonGuru is a top choice. Have you ever seen the words love and hate on a research tool? Probably not, but ZonGuru made it possible! This is an easy-to-use tool that provides comprehensive basic data. Its product research features include the Niche Finder and Rater, Love-Hate, Easy Source, and Sales Spy.

Invest Time and Money in a Profitable Product

Selling on Amazon may appear like a lot of work, given how much research is required just to decide what product to sell. But by doing so, you are making things easier for you and your client. You can rest easy at night knowing you're working hard to market a product many people are willing to buy.

If you want to minimize problems down the road, do not skip product research and ensure your client sells a profitable product. We hope the tips we discussed help you create an effective Amazon selling training plan for your Amazon client!

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