You're about to witness one of the most nerve-racking moments for an Amazon business: the product launch. The notion of releasing a product to the public in the hopes of making money can be daunting, especially in huge markets like Amazon.

So naturally, the business owner would like it to go as smoothly and effectively as possible. However, it's easier said than done. The competition is intense, and the traditional methods of launching a product in the e-commerce field are not applicable.

The good news is that there are Amazon account managers who can help businesses launch their products successfully, and you can be the next one! But the question is, how? First, get an Amazon marketing services certification, then learn the ropes of product launching. Let's discuss these things one at a time!

8 Ways an Amazon Account Manager With Amazon Web Services Certification Can Help With Product Launching

Many Amazon businesses struggle to think of effective product launching and marketing strategies. That is to be expected given the tough competition and complex ecommerce system. This is where you can take part and help them overcome the obstacles.

As an account manager, you can take the guesswork out of launching a client's product. You will guide them in navigating the complicated world of Amazon, ensuring that nothing goes wrong along the way.

Here's what you can do to make their dream product launch come true!

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1) Make a Product Launch Checklist

The first one you can do is to provide a comprehensive launch checklist for your client. This list helps you keep track of everything that needs to get done, from the most basic steps to the more complex. And when your client is overwhelmed, the same checklist will help them go through important things one at a time and launch successfully.

2) Build a Product Launch Strategy

Launching a product isn't as simple as merely following a fixed procedure. The process can change depending on the specific needs of a business. It's also to ensure that the event will be successful no matter what, avoiding any potential risks. A good account manager must know their clients well and provide advice and suggestions based on those needs.

3) Optimize Product Listings

Not all businesses know the significance of optimized product listings, let alone optimize them. They must know that listings can improve the brand's reach and visibility. As an account manager with digital marketing certification, you can educate them on this and give them a successful launch using reliable tools and methods. These include using keyword-rich product listings to rank effectively on search engines. 

4) Implement and Track Advertising Campaigns

Amazon advertising is critical in product launches. Without it, your client's product will take a long time to make a sale or, worse, not get one at all. Hence, you must help set up and track relevant ads to ensure visibility. You can start with Amazon PPC (sponsored product, sponsored brand, and sponsored display) and off-Amazon marketing like social media and Google ads.

5) Manage the Inventory System

You never know how audiences will respond to your client's new product. It can be so good that the demand is high right off the bat, and the Amazon seller must be ready for that! Help them build an efficient inventory management system to ensure there's enough to fulfill the orders. Furthermore, introduce them to tools and platforms that make management easier.

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6) Maintain or Improve the Product's Ranking

The end of a product launch is just the beginning of it all. Once the product is out, you should provide the necessary metrics and data to determine the next strategy. For example, if the product is doing well, what should your client do to keep it in a high position? Otherwise, how can they improve the listing's ranking?

7) Introduce E-commerce Technologies

Taking advantage of the latest technologies for your client's product launch can make it more successful. There are always new trends in the e-commerce industry; as an Amazon account manager, it's your job to stay updated. Examples are machine learning, Amazon web services (AWS) or cloud computing, Amazon DSP, and even off-Amazon tools like Google Analytics.

8) Troubleshoot Product Launch Problems

No matter how prepared you are, some issues can still arise. As an Amazon account manager, you should always be ready to solve any problems your client may face before, during, and after the product launch. If they have any questions, ensure your clients are satisfied enough to understand where the business stands and work with you to succeed.

Help Your Client Launch Long-Term Success on Amazon

An Amazon product launch is not a one-time event. It's the beginning of a business's long-term journey to success, which is why you must do it correctly. But this isn't going to be easy, so many business owners ask for the help of an Amazon account manager.

An account manager helps their clients with almost everything, from account setup to product launching and onwards. They ensure that the client doesn't waste time and effort on marketing strategies that don't work or negatively affect the brand.

Moreover, they evaluate results and create long-term strategies to maintain and improve the ranking of listings further. So ultimately, it's not just about getting sales; it's about building a strong relationship between the brand and its customers.

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