Have you decided to pursue a lucrative career as an Amazon virtual assistant but don’t know where to begin? Taking the first step might be your journey's most difficult yet important step. However, despite the uncertainties in the world of ecommerce, learning the ropes will give you a strong foundation in the long run. So, where do you start mastering the basics of being an Amazon seller VA?

An Amazon seller course will provide you with everything you need to learn before diving into the world of virtual assistants. Enrolling in an Amazon seller course will give you a clear advantage over other sellers and VAs on Amazon. While they are still grasping the basics, you’re already helping your client succeed by knowing the ins and outs of the platform.

If you have decided to kickstart your Amazon VA journey, continue reading and discover what an Amazon seller training course can offer you!

What Will an Amazon Seller Course Teach Me?

Do you know how to conduct product research? Doing product research is one of the many skills you must master as a virtual assistant on Amazon. Other essential Amazon business skills include:

  • Contacting your roster of suppliers.
  • Coordinating shipping inventory from other countries.
  • Writing a product listing that sells.
  • Launching a lucrative Amazon PPC campaign.

You can’t be an effective virtual assistant on the platform without knowing how to do these critical tasks and doing them well. The best Amazon course will make your client’s business an amazing selling machine. You will be able to transform an ailing business into a lucrative one with the help of listing optimization, digital marketing, and nailing down the most profitable products to sell on the Amazon marketplace.

What Benefits Does a Good Seller Course Provide?

A seller course is not free and will cost you money. As a new virtual assistant managing a business on Amazon, you could be working with the tightest budget possible. You can save money by watching YouTube videos instead of enrolling in a seller course. However, there are things that YouTube videos can’t provide you, but a seller course will.

Here are five benefits of a private label seller course that you won’t find anywhere else:

Benefit #1:  Know What to Expect

The best way to approach any endeavor is to prepare everything beforehand. Aside from material and financial preparations, you also need to equip yourself with the necessary know-how to run your client’s Amazon business. New VAs often let their excitement get ahead of them and go in blindly. Trust us; there’s more to Amazon than navigating its website.

Learn what to expect in your Amazon seller journey by taking an Amazon seller course or an Amazon boot camp! Such a course or boot camp will equip you with the fundamentals of ecommerce and guide you through the complexities of selling on Amazon. So when you take on your first client, you know exactly what to expect.

Benefit #2: Avoid Costly Mistakes

Running an Amazon business involves a huge sum of money. For instance, starting an inventory of profitable products to sell will require a hefty amount of capital. If you do your product research incorrectly and end up stocking the wrong products, you may never regain your client’s capital and profit from your inventory. 

Fortunately, an Amazon course will steer you clear of such costly mistakes. The course will teach you how to do product research properly and optimize your product listing to generate more sales. Otherwise, you can always learn from your mistakes, but it will surely cost you money (in the form of losing potential customers, for example).

Benefit #3: Save Time (and Money!)

Amazon Seller Central can be daunting for new account managers and VAs. The platform can be too overwhelming with all its complexities. Blindly navigating the Seller Central platform and finding the right page or setting to adjust can take much of your valuable time. But remember, you can resolve your client’s Amazon issues right away if you know where everything is.

Benefit #4: Adapt to the Changing Landscape

The ecommerce landscape always changes, making it difficult to keep up with the latest trends. An Amazon seller training course not only gives you the basics but also updates you with new developments on Amazon and the ecommerce industry in general. The best courses also provide you with evergreen skills that never become outdated despite the latest trends.

Benefit #5: Reduce Entry Obstacles

Many people think that starting an ecommerce business is as easy as clicking a button on a webpage. While it may be true a few years back, regulations have made it harder for anyone to begin selling on Amazon. Knowing these entry barriers and how to overcome them will help you launch your Amazon business sooner. An Amazon training course may provide you with such crucial information.

How Do I Choose the Right Amazon VA Course?

Amazon FBA seller course - Man in front of a laptop

According to an estimate, more than a million people join the platform and become Amazon sellers. That’s a huge market for seller training courses, isn’t it? Course providers want to enroll as many new sellers and VAs as possible despite offering poorly written course modules. So how do you pin down whether they are high-quality courses or mere quick cash grabs?

These are five tips you should note as you consider your options for the right seller course for you.

Tip #1: The Course Must Be Up-to-Date

Whether it’s the user interface or shipping fees, Amazon always implements changes that may confuse both new and longtime sellers. As a result, Amazon training courses may quickly become obsolete. You should look for a seller course that regularly updates its outline and content to catch up with new changes on the platform and the ecommerce space.

Tip #2: Fees Should Be Reasonable

When laying down the foundations for your client’s Amazon business, you dig deeper into your wallet and bank account, making your job as a VA less lucrative. Enrolling in an Amazon VA course may be an unnecessary additional expense if it costs too much. So search for a seller course with fees that won’t hurt your fragile finances and with a syllabus that packs a punch.

Tip #3: A Seller Learning and Support Community Will Be Helpful

Learning from peers can be a great source of practical knowledge that a course won’t provide. Good seller courses provide a way for instructors and course takers to talk about their experiences on Amazon and the ecommerce industry. Check if the course platform lets you start and join discussions with your peers—be it on the platform itself or in a Facebook group.

For instance, your fellow budding virtual assistants may have questions that the course didn’t cover. Your instructors or even your fellow course takers can respond to these questions instead. Moreover, you can share your experiences from working as a virtual assistant to contribute to each other’s learning experience.

Tip #4: Instructors’ Credibility Matters

Amazon provides resources for new sellers on the platform for free. You can search for any topic related to being an Amazon seller and learn everything you can. However, these articles and videos won’t give you practical and firsthand knowledge from longtime sellers and virtual assistants.

The best Amazon Seller Central course has instructors with years of experience in the ecommerce industry and overflowing with valuable firsthand knowledge. You can expect course providers with experienced virtual assistants, Amazon account managers, and sellers on their team to provide a course filled with practical information gained from working in the field.

Tip #5: Multimedia Materials Provide More Value

A good Amazon seller course should include various learning resources for you to absorb. Some course providers would only send you an ebook, usually in PDF, and nothing else. Absorbing information from walls of text will bore and tire you out quickly. The best Amazon seller courses include multimedia materials like video lessons to complement their text-based resources.

Should I Take the Plunge?

More than half of customers begin their online shopping on the Amazon platform. If you want to take a slice of that pie, you should know how to navigate the ins and outs of the online marketplace. Taking a seller course will give you a competitive advantage over those who started their Amazon business by watching YouTube videos or reading relevant articles.

If you have the time and money to spare, enrolling in an Amazon seller certification course will be a valuable investment to help you become a successful Amazon seller VA sooner.

How Do I Get Started?

Digital Academy provides a well-rounded course for complete beginners to Amazon. The course outline spans different topics, including keyword research, product listing optimization, advertising strategies, product launching, inventory management, and much more! Digital Academy’s course has everything you need to reach as many clients as possible.

Take the most important step you will ever take as an Amazon account manager by enrolling in Digital Academy’s Amazon seller VA course. As a bonus, Digital Academy offers a 50%-off grand launching sale!


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