Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA is the most popular and proven approach for Amazon sellers, as seen in last year’s numbers. In 2022, Amazon FBA is still a great option to introduce to newbie sellers, but with the growing competition, it can be difficult to start.

As a budding Amazon account manager hoping to help Amazon sellers, you might be considering online tutorials on FBA that will cost you thousands of dollars without even the assurance that you will succeed. But, don't worry; here's a FREE primer to help you learn Amazon FBA basics and five important things you need to research to maximize your knowledge.

Getting Started With Amazon FBA Is All About Extensive Research

It is not a good idea to jump into a new endeavor without knowing what you're getting yourself into. You must conduct your own research and ask experts for vital information and helpful tips. Learning Amazon FBA is part of an account manager’s business, and it requires thorough research to ensure you're handling the entire process well.

So what are the important things you need to keep in mind as you build your network as an Amazon account manager? It's good to begin with the right FBA product to sell.

  1. Right FBA Product to Sell

Newbie Amazon sellers and account managers love to apply the beginner's strategy, wherein after searching for products, you compare the product cost, find the source, and see if you can get it for a lower price.

Here are the pointers you need to remember when conducting product consultations with a client:

  1. Identify first the products you can sell on Amazon and consider their category and the brand. Remember that some categories are open to all, while some require:
    1. A professional seller account
    2. Approval to sell

Note that there are also products that cannot be sold by third-party sellers because of intellectual property rights. You can visit Seller Central Help to learn more about FBA product restrictions and how to request approval.

  1. Don't sell products you are only passionate about unless you’re guaranteed to earn from them. It is your goal to build a sound and thriving business for your client, so you have to be practical by looking for products that are currently selling.
  2. The product should sell at least a hundred units a month—set your maximum price expectation of $10 to $80. Don't look for products below $10 because it will lead you to nonexistent profit.
  3. Consider products that have a low to medium demand level. Getting to a high level might overwhelm you because the competition there is already tough.
  4. After you select the potential products to sell, you can private label the product using your brand.
  5. When you make an account on Amazon as a seller, select Selling on Amazon account, then select Fulfilled by Amazon for the shipping method. You can select the items you want to sell with their SKUs in the Small and light program. Your goods will be prepped and shipped to a specified Amazon fulfillment center. Enrolling in the Small and Light program gives you the following advantages:
    1. Free shipping for Prime Customers
    2. Reduced fulfillment costs
    3. Instant customer trust

The next thing you need to find is a good supplier.

  1. A Good Supplier for Your Product Listing

Finding a product supplier or manufacturer is an essential recipe in your client’s Amazon FBA business. If you don’t take the time to research a supplier before starting your FBA business, you could end up with a lot of problems down the road and the added work of explaining otherwise avoidable expenses to your clients.

Get you and your client properly briefed on Amazon FBA and find a good supplier with these tips:

  1. Ask for referrals. Talk to someone with experience in finding good Amazon suppliers so they can recommend you a good one.
  2. Check online directories. Several online directories list suppliers, and you can search by product or industry type.
  3. Contact trade organizations. Trade organizations often have lists of reputable suppliers.
  4. Use a sourcing agent. If you're not comfortable researching and vetting suppliers, you can employ a sourcing agent who can do the work for you and find the best manufacturer.

When researching Amazon FBA suppliers, there are variables you have to check:

  1. Reputation. Look for suppliers that have a good reputation with other Amazon FBA sellers. This factor will ensure you are working with a reputable and reliable company.
  2. Pricing. It is important to find a supplier that offers competitive prices so you can remain profitable while selling on Amazon.
  3. Availability. Make sure the supplier you choose has the products you need in stock and can ship them quickly to avoid delays in fulfilling your orders.
  4. Customer Service. Work with a supplier who provides excellent customer service in case you have any questions or problems along the way.

Considering these factors, you can ensure you are working with a reputable and reliable supplier who can help your Amazon FBA business succeed. Now, it's time to get in touch with your selected supplier.

Product shipment

Getting in Touch With the Supplier

When contacting potential suppliers without FBA, you’ll need to provide as much information as possible to help them determine if they can meet your client’s needs. You’ll also need to read the contract carefully to ensure there are no hidden charges or penalties.

Because Ask about shipping policies and delivery time, and find out how your potential suppliers handle returns and complaints. You can also ask for samples so you can better assess the quality of their products with your client.

Where does Amazon FBA come in? If you open your client’s Amazon business with the FBA option, your work as an account manager eases here. Amazon FBA basically means “Leave the sorting, packing, and shipping to us!” Your client’s products will be stored in one of Amazon’s warehouses, where they will await orders. They will handle everything from inventory to customer service. This is a great solution if you see a lot of potential in the business and want to expand it overseas.

If you want to maximize profit with Amazon FBA and find it a great strategy for your client’s business, enroll in Amazon e-learning courses to understand more about how an Amazon FBA business runs. You don’t want to enter uncharted territory without exploring its ins and outs first.

In no time, your client will see good cash flow as you work with both the product supplier and Amazon FBA specialists. 

  1. The Amazon Seller Central

One of the main benefits of using Amazon Seller Central is that it allows account managers to access Amazon's massive customer base. With over 310 million active users, Amazon is a great platform for businesses to reach new customers and grow their business.

Another benefit of using Amazon Seller Central is the wide range of tools and resources that can help account managers grow their clients’ businesses. These tools and resources include the following:

  • Listing creation tool - creates and manages product listings on Amazon
  • Repricing tool - automatically adjusts prices based on competition
  • Shipping management tool - tracks shipments and optimizes shipping processes
  • Feedback management tool - lets businesses respond to customer feedback and improve customer satisfaction levels

Get the most of these tools by getting started with your product listing on Amazon!

  1. Qualities of a Good Product Listing

A good product listing includes the following elements:

  • Search Engine Optimized. Amazon is the biggest retail search engine in the world. Just like Google, search results depend greatly on the most searched or used keywords. It is a good practice to incorporate all the highly relevant keywords in your product name and other prominent parts of the listing, so it gets a spot on the search engine ranking page (SERP).
  • Engaging Product Description. Ensure to write accurate and engaging product information that will motivate customers to buy what your client sells. Capitalize the key points of the item and set multiple descriptions in a bulleted list. You can also use ornaments like emojis.
  • Realistic and Captivating Pictures. A picture says so many things about your product, so make sure that images are of high quality or will reach the prescribed maximum image requirement of Amazon. Use lifestyle photos to make your products more realistic and relatable.

Now that you’re introduced to these five key pointers, keep the fire burning in each step of making your client’s endeavor possible. Earn more with the basics of FBA with Digital Academy

Do Something Today and Make a Progress

Amazon FBA is an effective way to build your client’s business and not limit them to their local audience. But do not settle with the things you already know right now about Amazon. Remember that its algorithm is constantly changing, as well as global trends. 

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