Is becoming a virtual assistant for Amazon a career path you’re interested in right now? If the answer is yes, do you already have ideas for kickstarting your career? Enrolling in an Amazon training course is a great place to start your Amazon VA journey. 

You can find several programs online that promise the same thing—help you become a successful Amazon account manager in the quickest way possible. But before you invest your time and money in these courses, it's important to know what you should and shouldn't do.

4 Traits that Make a Great Amazon Virtual Assistant

Before anything else, here’s a quick reality check you may need to reflect on: a passion for helping an Amazon business become successful is not enough. Sure, it can help you make a good impression on your client. However, certain traits can help you acquire a job and flourish as a virtual assistant.

Let’s take a look at these four traits and find out if you will make a great candidate as an Amazon VA:

Has a Thirst for Knowledge

First and foremost, you must have a thirst for knowledge that is not easily quenched. Curiosity is one of the best ways to learn, after all. This is critical if you want to learn how to be an Amazon virtual assistant. You must constantly learn about handling Amazon seller accounts and update your skill sets. 

As someone with a broad knowledge of the Amazon marketplace, your client will treat you as their great resource for staying on top of their game. You'll help an Amazon seller stay up-to-date whenever there are changes to Amazon's policies. Plus, having your finger on the pulse of the Amazon marketplace. 

Excellent Communicator

Are you a great communicator? If you want to become a winning Amazon virtual assistant, you have to nail your communication skills so you can engage effectively with your clients. Also, ensure you have excellent oral and written communication skills so that writing product descriptions or customer service responses will be a breeze for you. 

Many of the tasks assigned to you as a virtual assistant will involve communicating with people in different mediums. Therefore, if you fail to communicate clearly, it may cause unnecessary delays in Amazon’s business processes and even generate extra costs on your client's end. 

Ability to Multitask

Do you want to know how to become an Amazon VA who is efficient and productive? The solution lies in your ability to multitask. This can also be associated with being highly organized and detail-oriented. You can only perform particular tasks simultaneously if you are skilled at prioritizing projects and finishing them on time. 

There's also large amounts of data involved, which requires regular monitoring. But that shouldn't let you compromise on the quality of your tasks. It's important that, aside from multitasking, you can also keep your tasks error-free. 


Are you a quick learner? Then, you may have a chance to excel as an Amazon virtual assistant. As the leading ecommerce platform is constantly changing and evolving, you also need to be able to adapt quickly. 

Being flexible as a VA means you are comfortable learning new systems and processes and picking things up quickly.

5 Most Common Tasks of an Amazon Virtual Assistant

Did you know that an Amazon seller virtual assistant can be a valuable asset in helping an Amazon business grow? When sellers outsource various tasks to virtual assistants, they can free up their time to concentrate on other aspects of their Amazon business. 

Here are some of the tasks that you'll be given as an Amazon VA:

Customer Service

An Amazon store owner with a customer support virtual assistant has a huge advantage over others who don't. As a virtual assistant, helping your clients address different customer concerns takes a lot off their shoulders. 

You are expected to be in charge of processing the customers' refunds in customer service. With the nature of this task, you should also perform well under pressure, especially when dealing with several customer complaints.

Product Research

One of the most common tasks assigned to an Amazon virtual assistant is conducting product research. You will research products that your client is interested in. The purpose of performing a detailed product hunt is to calculate the return on investment of these potential Amazon products. 

These products may include wholesale items. Aside from conducting research, it is also part of your job to negotiate with the suppliers and find the best deals your client can sell on his Amazon store. 


Manning logistics is one of the tasks that consume most of the time of an Amazon seller. This important task is also delegated to an Amazon seller virtual assistant. 

Whether your client is part of the Amazon FBA program or has his own warehouse, it will be your task to manage and track order fulfillment, inventory, downloading shipping labels, and other logistics management-related tasks.

Amazon PPC Management

An Amazon business owner knows how crucial managing Amazon PPC advertising is. Ensuring that their budget for digital marketing efforts is being used wisely is important to them. However, while they want to keep their eyes on it, managing Amazon PPC ads will require much of their time. 

As a virtual assistant, some of the tasks that will be given to you include setting up and optimizing your client's ad campaigns. It may also include analyzing the ad performance and preparing reports. 

Amazon SEO Management

Another task that can allow you to contribute to your client's Amazon business growth significantly is helping him improve the ranking of his product listings. You can do it by managing your search engine optimization, conducting keyword research, and tracking the ranks consistently. 

4 Things You Shouldn't Do as an Amazon VA

Now that you have an idea of the most common tasks being assigned to virtual assistants, let’s walk you through some of the things Amazon virtual assistants shouldn’t do. You can improve your chances of becoming a winning Amazon virtual assistant by avoiding these errors.

Not Understanding How the Amazon Platform Works

Understandably, Amazon is a complex ecommerce platform. However, if you're working as an Amazon seller virtual assistant, you should be knowledgeable about its ever-changing landscape. 

If you don't fully understand how Amazon works, you risk making mistakes that could cost your client's sales and even damage his reputation. Otherwise, if you have a wealth of knowledge about this platform, it can be a huge asset and help you become an efficient VA. 

Failing to Stay Up-to-Date With Amazon's Policies

Keeping up to date with Amazon's policies can be full-time in and of itself. That's why Amazon sellers usually leave this to their trusted Amazon VA. However, if a virtual assistant can't keep up with the ever-changing Amazon rules and regulations, the store may incur violations without you even realizing it. A more concrete way of staying on top of things is regularly monitoring your client’s Account Health.

Not Communicating Enough With Your Client

While your client can set you loose while working on your tasks, this isn't always the best approach. One thing you should avoid is failing to communicate with your client. You will need to check in regularly so that you may be able to receive feedback and ask any questions that you may have regarding your tasks. 

By communicating with your Amazon seller client, both of you can prevent any potential problems down the road. 

Not Being Open to Continuous Learning

New strategies and technologies will always emerge for an efficient Amazon selling process. If you're unwilling to learn new things, you'll fall behind rapidly and may even lose your competitive edge.

Not only will it cost you your career as a VA, but it can also directly affect your client's business growth. So, if you're dedicated to becoming a successful virtual assistant, you should be flexible and open to continuous learning. 

Excel as a VA Through Training Courses

Are you confident in your ability to be an Amazon seller virtual assistant? If you're still unsure and if you think there's a possibility of you committing some of the mistakes above, don't worry. There is still time for you to improve your virtual assistant skills. 

There are plenty of Amazon virtual assistant classes you can enroll in to improve your skills. Attending Amazon seller training courses is a great way to learn how you can excel as a virtual assistant and support Amazon sellers in the best way possible. 

Some courses cover everything from the basics of being a virtual assistant to more advanced topics like using various Amazon tools and services to support Amazon sellers. You'll be well suited to becoming a top-tier virtual assistant if you take such training courses.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has provided useful information about what it takes to be a successful Amazon VA. If you're interested in becoming a virtual assistant for Amazon or already working as one but looking to improve your skill set, it's always a good idea to learn through comprehensive training courses. 

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