Have you reached your breaking point at your job but don’t have enough money to leave? Many burnt-out employees like yourself are looking for ways to escape their soul-crushing desk jobs. We know how hard it is to keep working at a 9-to-5 office job each and every day. Fortunately, you can escape this unfortunate situation.

Becoming a virtual assistant or account manager lets you enjoy a more flexible and lucrative way to make money online. Unlike an ordinary office employee, you don’t need to answer to a boss. Instead, you get to work with clients who set up their businesses on the Amazon marketplace. As a virtual assistant, you will be treated as a partner entrusted with great responsibility.

But to become an Amazon seller’s trusted partner, you need to arm yourself with the proper skills and knowledge. The best FBA course and seller course will teach you all those things and more. Read more and discover how you can improve the likelihood of you scoring a client.

First Things First: What in the World Is Amazon FBA?

Before you jump into an Amazon FBA mastery course, you should know what FBA is all about. If you don’t already know, FBA is short for “Fulfillment by Amazon.” Once your client jumps on board with FBA, they can reap the benefits of letting Amazon and its expansive logistic network do the heavy lifting.

Rather than having your Amazon client do order fulfillment on their end, you can persuade them to sign up for the FBA program instead. Here are some of the benefits that you and your client will gain by doing so:

Your Client’s Products Get Free Shipping

While your client has to shell out money for the FBA service, their customers won’t have to pay for shipping. Moreover, Amazon customers with Prime membership can even enjoy free two-day shipping on their products. This makes your products more enticing to regular and Amazon Prime members alike. As a result, you can potentially raise your sales numbers and transform your client's store into an amazing selling machine, all thanks to free shipping.

Customers Will Trust You More

Buying products online has always been risky for consumers. Since they don't get to see and touch the product, they can never be 100% sure they're not being ripped off. However, when your client signs up to become an FBA seller, customers can get peace of mind, knowing that they will be dealing directly with Amazon through its Fulfillment Centers.

Your Client Will Enjoy Quicker Expansion

If your client says that they’re ready to expand their small business, FBA can start getting the ball rolling. Since Amazon will take the responsibility of order fulfillment off your client’s hands, you and your client can move forward with business expansion and other lucrative business opportunities. As a result, becoming an Amazon FBA seller will let your client’s business grow quicker and become an Amazon selling machine.

You can learn more about FBA by taking the best FBA course or a complete Amazon mastery course. But before you do, learn more about the desirable traits that you should have as a virtual assistant in the next section.

What Does an Amazon Seller Look for When Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Before you convince your client to sign up for FBA, you must have a client first. You have to seek potential clients before delving into the world of FBA. But how do you turn yourself into the most desirable virtual assistant that Amazon sellers would absolutely love to work with? Here are the best qualities that clients look for when looking for a virtual assistant:

  1. Punctuality

Ecommerce is a fast-paced industry, and you should be able to keep up with it. Your would-be clients will be searching for someone who knows how to strictly follow a schedule. For instance, they will expect someone prompt to reply and answer calls. Being late to respond to inquiries from customers and suppliers can translate into a loss of potential revenue.

  1. Reliability

Being a virtual assistant is akin to being a store manager. You will be the go-to person for everything that happens to the store. As such, you need to become someone your potential client will be able to depend on. Thus, you must have the qualities to endure a highly fast-paced and thrive in a stressful environment.

  1. Communication Skills

You can never underestimate the importance of communication. That’s why you need to master communication skills to make it big in the virtual assistant industry. You should be able to clearly communicate your thoughts with your client. This means that you have to have to be fluent in their language and have the confidence to communicate with them.

  1. Trustworthiness

As a virtual assistant, you will be entrusted with your client’s business. Your client may have invested a huge amount of money to serve as their business’s capital or might have even taken out loans to kick start their business. Therefore, managing an online store on your client's behalf is not only a matter of expertise but of honesty and integrity as well.

  1. Equanimity

You may start becoming overwhelmed as orders pile up and problems arise. Knowing how to manage your stress levels during difficult times is something that your would-be clients will be looking for. Amazon sellers would want to team up with someone who can hold their cool while coming up with solutions to solve problems that one may face as a virtual assistant.

  1. Resourcefulness

There will be instances where you may need to be creative when solving a problem. Your resourcefulness will come in handy during times like these. Being resourceful is a trait that comes with experience. As you gain experience, you become craftier in resolving problems that may arise from time to time.

  1. Multitasking Skills

Being a virtual assistant means being able to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. Your client may ask you to do various tasks within a very limited amount of time. As such, managing time efficiently and accomplishing tasks as soon as possible will be on most clients' list of requirements. This can be a boon for you as well, as this will allow you to rest sooner rather than later.

  1. Initiative

Your would-be clients will prefer someone who exhibits initiative and leadership skills. As you will soon find out, your potential clients would rather have a virtual assistant who can work independently and make decisions independently, so they can keep their hands off their Amazon business and focus on their other business pursuits.

Now that you know what qualities you need to have to get hired, let us share a tip to further become more hireable: enroll in a seller course. But how will a seller course help you get hired? Read the next section to find out!

How Will an Amazon Course Make Me More Hireable?

Aside from embodying the traits that clients will look for in a virtual assistant, you should first and foremost have the skills and know-how to do the job and excel at it. If you have yet to start your virtual assistant journey, you should consider taking an Amazon seller course before undergoing intermediate training programs like FBA courses. 

Here are the ways how an Amazon seller course will help you increase your chances of getting hired:

Start With a Solid Foundation

You won’t find a college degree specifically for being a virtual assistant. However, you can learn the skills needed to become a successful virtual assistant from various sources on the internet. From these resources, you will learn Amazon and ecommerce jargon like "FBA product, "private label," "retail arbitrage," "Amazon PPC," "Seller Central," and "affiliate marketing."

Unfortunately, you will soon discover that resources on virtual assistance can be all over the place. You need a complete guide that will teach you the basics, such as doing product research to find a profitable product to sell, dealing with online arbitrage, and navigating the complexities of the seller system.

An Amazon seller course will help you start from scratch and guide you through all the steps towards becoming a virtual assistant ready and confident enough to take on clients.

Learn From the Experts

As mentioned before, you can find plenty of free Amazon VA resources on the internet to help you learn about virtual assistance and the world of Amazon. But if you wish to learn more about the practical side of being a virtual assistant, instructors and resource persons from an Amazon seller course will help you do so. Their years of experience will be a valuable resource for a beginner like you.

Avoid Painful and Costly Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable in any industry, especially if you are a beginner. However, mistakes can cost your clients their investments. If you want to keep them as your clients for longer, you should make fewer mistakes. You can avoid rookie mistakes by enrolling in an Amazon boot camp beforehand. Such a course will help you learn the basics so that you can meet your client’s expectations.

The Bottom Line

There are many opportunities awaiting you in the virtual assistance industry, but if you wish to become a successful virtual assistant, you need to have that competitive edge. Having the qualities potential clients are looking for will greatly improve your chances of getting hired. But aside from these qualities, you also need to demonstrate the expertise necessary to efficiently manage an Amazon business.An Amazon seller course and an Amazon FBA course will equip you with the needed skills and information to run a successful Amazon store. So let Digital Academy help you get started, and check out our Amazon course today!


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