You decide to take an Amazon FBA management course and are presented with numerous options. Is that a good thing? Sadly, not so much for novices.

Normally, having many options is beneficial. However, this case is different. Since you have no prior knowledge of Amazon FBA, you still have no idea what makes a good course for it. Because of this, you might end up with a money-grabbing gimmick and waste your time for nothing.

We don't want any of that to happen. This is why we came up with a list of fundamentals you need to look for to find the best Amazon FBA course. Read to save your money for the right dish and invest for future success!

Career Check: Why Amazon FBA Account Management?

Here's a question before we go to the fundamentals: Is Amazon FBA really what you need?

We're asking because there are different subjects for every Amazon course. For example, there's an Amazon FBA selling course focusing on Amazon selling. Meanwhile, others teach you a certain marketing approach, like online retail mastery.

So why should you pursue an Amazon FBA account management certification?

  1. You are passionate about helping businesses grow on competitive ecommerce platforms like Amazon.
  2. You want to get better communication skills.
  3. You like to be a problem solver for a diverse audience.
  4. You have prior experience in virtual assistance and wish to upskill your career.
  5. You want to make money while working in the comforts of your home.
  6. You're not from the USA; hence, you want to expand your connections globally.
  7. You know FBA is a good opportunity for sellers, so you want to help them make the most of it.
  8. You're interested to know more about the Amazon FBA system.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, then enrolling in an Amazon course specifically for FBA account management is perfect for you. Note that these are just some of the most common reasons to become an FBA account manager. We'd love to know what else you have in mind when making this decision!

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The 10 Fundamentals of Finding the Best Amazon FBA Course

Now that you're certain of your career choice, let's proceed with the essentials! How can you know if you're picking a good Amazon FBA course? What characteristics and subjects should it cover? Here's a ten-point list for you.

#1: Organized Outline

The first thing you can check is the course outline. Is it organized, and does it logically make sense? Even if you know nothing about the topic, the outline alone should give you a clear hint of what you'll learn.

For example, does it introduce the FBA system and FBA seller duties before jumping to the strategies? Is there a good balance between practice and theory?

#2: Beginner-Friendly

Beginners should have no trouble understanding a good online Amazon FBA masterclass. After all, it is made for those starting from scratch. This means the use of language must be easy to grasp. At the same time, the discussions should have detailed explanations but nothing that will bombard you with too much information.

Many FBA terminologies are challenging to comprehend at first. Some of these include marketplace Amazon PPC, FNSKU, UPC, ASIN, SKU, Helium 10 index checking, and FBA vs. FBM.

#3: Expert Advice

You’ve probably come across top-ranked Amazon experts like Kevin King, Kevin David, Jim Cockrum, Theo Mcarthur, Matt Clark, or Tim Sanders. Perhaps you've also seen a glimpse of their notable works, such as the Zon Ninja or Amazon FBA Ninja masterclass, Private Label Master, Amazon Boot Camp, or Blue Sky Amazon. 

Naturally, you'd want tips from people who have made it big, so look for FBA expert advice discussions in an Amazon course. Digital Academy's courses, for instance, include video shoots of Amazon experts and guest lecturers. They talk about specific topics like FBA client communication and shipping standards.

#4: Specific Solutions

It's frustrating to spend money and time on a course that gives you ambiguous solutions. You can't become a reliable Amazon account manager that way! If you want to have your money's worth, find a course that provides specific tips.

One example is keyword insertion on product listings. Where can I find the best keywords? What are the criteria? Where and how often should I place the keywords? How do I ensure they're indexing?

#5: Realistic Examples

Examples make it easier to understand complicated concepts like the Amazon marketplace. But you have to ensure they're relevant and applicable for you to benefit from them. A good Amazon FBA training course should provide such examples.

Here's one: a winning account manager should know how to think like an Amazon business partner. That sounds like some great advice, but how can you accomplish it? In which situations can you apply this?

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#6: Quality Videos

An online Amazon FBA course should include video content, which is typically more digestible than written text. And if the course you're eyeing does have videos in its modules, take a closer look at their quality. Can you see and hear the instructor carefully? Is the content worth watching?

Not everyone can quickly grasp how Amazon's shipping system works in one read. Sometimes, a video may provide a different way of explanation that will help you understand it quicker and better.

#7: Helpful Quizzes

Naturally, a course isn't complete without quizzes. They are a great way to check your understanding of the course material and give you an idea of what to focus on. Moreover, these tests must be more hands-on than just fill-in-the-blank or true or false exams.

Here's an example. Digital Academy includes checkpoint quizzes, such as buying an Amazon product, writing your buyer experience, and updating your CV to your desired skill set. These tests help you reflect on what you've learned and how to apply them in a real setting.

#8: Up-to-Date Content

The e-commerce field is ever-changing. So naturally, the course you're enrolling in should also keep up with the trends. This includes teaching you all the latest and most effective methods and ecommerce tools. In this way, you can master account management and see how you can help an Amazon FBA seller grow.

For example, tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are perfect for Amazon FBA sellers who need to manage and enhance their products. The goal of the course should be to teach you how to leverage the benefits of these tools.

#9: Enthusiastic Delivery

This one might vary depending on your preference. Would you rather listen to an energetic instructor or a more serious coach? Do you prefer a bit of humor in-between or a straightforward discussion?

If you don't like how a course delivers lessons, it will not go through your head, no matter how significant. Hence, it's essential to pick an Amazon mastery course with a learning style that suits you. Many people often find that an enthusiastic delivery keeps the subject interesting and engaging.

#10: Excellent Support

Ultimately, self-study is not enough. You may have a complete course with thorough modules, but sometimes you need more help. That's where customer support plays a role. The course must provide contact details or groups you can easily reach out to when necessary.

The best Amazon FBA courses will always have good support. It could be in the form of a social media community or one-on-one communication. You don't enroll only to be left alone in your concerns—you have an entire community of fellow aspiring and professional account managers to help you grow!

Become One of the Best Marketplace Superheroes on Amazon

Are you looking for an opportunity on Amazon? If so, what kind? Many courses and programs are available for different audiences and aspects of ecommerce. For instance, there’s an ultimate Amazon seller course for Amazon seller mastery and specific training (e.g., profitable product research, wholesale formula, online selling experiment, and retail arbitrage).

Suppose you want an account management career. You're passionate about helping an Amazon FBA business grow, especially in huge marketplaces where the competition is tough.

And since many Amazon Seller Central users prefer the FBA network, you want to learn specifically about that system. But how do you find the best FBA course in a pool of options to make money online?

In this article, we discussed the ten fundamentals of an online course you can trust. From beginner-friendly outlines to expert advice, we hope this list helps you find the program that will push you to become a winning account manager on Amazon!

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  • Account setup and maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Working your way through the competitive industry

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