Are you a Filipino entrepreneur looking for a virtual assistant job on Amazon? Well, you just hit the jackpot! In this industry, Filipinos often stand out for their excellent work attitude, adaptability, and, most importantly, communication skills.

However, not everyone is born an excellent communicator. Although many Filipinos desire to work as virtual assistants, they aren't confident in their communication abilities. If you're one of them, you've just stumbled on the perfect article!

We're here to address your concerns. You might feel you're not fit for the job, but not for long! Here's what an Amazon virtual assistant Philippines training can do to help enhance your client communication skills.

Corporately Native in Foreign Lands: Learn Communication Skills with a Virtual Assistant Amazon Training

To become an excellent VA, you must have good communication skills. They’re the most important ones in this job; without them, you and your client will never understand each other. They’re especially crucial in diverse marketplaces like Amazon.

What if you're not confident in your skills but still want the job? In that case, we recommend enrolling in an Amazon virtual assistant course! Digital Academy, for instance, can help aspiring and seasoned Filipino VAs improve their client communication skills. Here's what you'll learn.

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1. Verify and Confirm Messages

In business, reading an email or chat message without responding is unprofessional. You wouldn't want to leave your Amazon clients anxious and wondering if you've seen their messages or not. This is crucial in urgent inquiries or requests.

A VA course will teach you how to properly respond to these messages—letting them know when you receive their request, updating them about the task's progress, and giving them a realistic timeline to expect the completed work.

2. Communicate in Layman's Terms

An Amazon virtual assistant works with a diverse range of clients from different places, backgrounds, and industries. These things influence how these people communicate, so it only makes sense that some aren't well-versed in ecommerce terminologies (e.g., social media marketing, Amazon SEO, or product research).

As the virtual assistant, you should communicate in a way your clients can understand, no matter how diverse. Find the simplest ways to explain your business insights to them. You'll learn about this in a VA course—how to communicate your ideas without overly technical terms and ensure you're on the same page before starting the work.

3. Find Appropriate Methods or Channels

Not all client inquiries and requests require a phone call. Sometimes, you can quickly answer a question or solve a problem through chat or email. However, some of your clients might not know these differences; all they want is to be heard and get help to fix issues ASAP.

On the other hand, others may not find a particular communication channel comfortable. In a VA training program, you'll learn how to let your clients know the most effective ways to communicate their needs with you. It's important to manage these things to save time, energy, and resources.

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4. Keep It Compact with Precise and Detailed Information

Always keep in mind to get to the point when writing your clients an email or chat message. Nobody likes a long essay, especially a business owner swamped with work. So keep your replies brief but clear and informative enough to deliver any important message.

To avoid getting lost in the details, provide no more than the specific information needed. Give them a rundown on completed, pending, and new tasks for the day, for example. This way, you and your clients are on the same page from start to finish. You can learn all these in an Amazon VA course!

5. Regular Calls and Check-Ins

Setting regular check-ins or weekly calls with your clients shows how much you're invested in growing their business. It also allows them to voice out any concerns they may have forgotten to ask before or update you on their current needs.

Furthermore, calls and check-ins are great opportunities to build rapport. You don't have to be always serious in every meeting; you must also show a supportive and friendly personality. Ask them about their day or briefly discuss something personal, but don't get carried away with long stories. After all, it is still a work meeting.

Learn Effective Client Communication and Get Your Virtual Assistant Training with a Certificate

The Internet has globalized the way the business industry works. We are no longer restricted to our geographical location; we can now reach out and serve people online. This made way to the virtual assistance landscape, where you can work with people worldwide in the comfort of your home.

In this industry, the Philippines has a strong reputation. So being a Filipino already gives you an advantage, but it's understandable if you're not confident in communication. After all, you'll deal with clients who speak various languages and have different levels of understanding.

And if not taken care of, poor customer service leads to misunderstandings, missed deadlines, wasted efforts, and lost jobs. But worry not! If you need help improving your VA communication skills, our Amazon FBA virtual assistant course will teach you everything you need to know.
Digital Academy has covered everything from communication skills to account management mastery. So take advantage of our 50% grand launching sale and become the next winning Filipino Amazon account manager!


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