Ecommerce has a lot of potential, but it is also a fiercely competitive field. It's hard to see many businesses struggle as they try to get to the top, so you want to be that person who can help them. But with so many ecommerce platforms, which is the best place to start?

As a VA, Amazon is probably one of your choices. Undeniably, the platform is a powerhouse in the ecommerce field with its massive customer base and constantly innovating and changing systems. But its massive profile also makes the competition tough. That's where you can help as an Amazon account manager.

Let's focus on one of the many ways you can help your client succeed: keeping up with the trends. Fortunately, Amazon is always at the forefront of ecommerce trends! For that reason, taking an Amazon certification course pays off. Here's our proof:

Why Trends are Keys to Ecommerce Success

The ecommerce industry is ever-changing. Trends come and go; what's popular one season may be replaced with something new the next. If a business can't keep up with these changes, they are more likely to fall behind the rest.

Here are ten specific benefits you’ll get to enjoy when you leverage on trends.

  1. Stay in a good position in the competition.
  2. Find, learn, and implement new methods to increase a clientele.
  3. Understand the nature of the competition better.
  4. Know what strategies work best for most buyers.
  5. Get a clearer picture of the business's performance.
  6. Identify a business's strengths and make it more successful.
  7. Determine rooms for improvement.
  8. Access historical data to refer to when making big business decisions.
  9. Know where to find the best resources for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  10. Broaden your knowledge as an account manager.

10 Timeless Ecommerce Trends You Can Find on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest drivers of ecommerce trends. It always innovates and introduces new features to give sellers a chance to stand out. However, not all businesses catch up to that, so you must take charge and educate them.

Check out these ten ecommerce trends on Amazon! You will learn about these things from a certification course and become a well-versed (and trendy) Amazon account manager.

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#1: Cloud Computing and Management (AWS)

Ecommerce makes it possible for businesses to store data more securely, safely, and flexibly. Instead of storing information on a single machine, you can now use cloud computing or AWS machine learning. This means your data is placed on servers and are accessible on several devices, which is very convenient.

On Amazon, it's called Amazon Web Service or AWS cloud computing. It's a comprehensive and evolving cloud hosting platform for sellers. Furthermore, the AWS service itself offers over 200 cloud services! These include Amazon AWS Lambda, AWS Cloudformation, AWS solution architect, AWS accelerator, AWS Partner, AWS training, and other AWS mechanisms.

#2: Seamless Development and Operation (DevOps)

Amazon is a customer-focused platform. It also implies keeping up with the demands and preferences of clients, which will always change. There will come a day when any great technology will need an upgrade. This is why you must ensure your client knows where to improve and find a seamless way of implementing business changes.

This is not always easy, especially if it's a developmental or operational change. But with Amazon, you can learn about DevOps and become a DevOps engineer. DevOps is a framework of computer science principles, tools, and practices that allows an organization to implement tasks at high velocity. These include automation and managing complex systems at scale.

#3: Order Fulfillment (FBA)

Many businesses overlook an integral part of the customer's journey: fulfillment. When someone places an order, you must promptly and efficiently fulfill it. Unfortunately, it's not that easy with ecommerce. Issues arise from either shipping, inventory, warehousing, or returns.

However, this platform is way ahead of the game with Fulfillment by Amazon. It's an efficient way of handling small to large orders and deliveries. If your client joins this program, Amazon will take charge of the fulfillment process in their place. As a result, they'll be able to meet consumer demands in the most convenient ways possible.

#4: Digital Advertising (Amazon Advertising)

Another important aspect of a business is advertising, which can generate huge revenue when utilized correctly. It is especially crucial today because most transactions are processed online. The problem is it can be hard to figure out; some businesses spend lots of money and time on campaigns that don't work.

Fortunately, Amazon provides sellers with various marketing opportunities on their platform. One is called Amazon Advertising, which helps businesses reach out and promote their products and services to a wider audience. Some examples of this tool are Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Products, and Amazon DSP.

#5: Voice Search (Amazon Echo)

More and more people prefer to do things or solve problems hands-free. They don't want to fumble over some buttons to set the alarm, check the weather, or order products. While it seems impossible at first, technology introduced the likes of Siri and Alexa, which are tools for voice searching.

Amazon's voice-searching tool is called Amazon Echo. It is a smart speaker that you can control with your voice. Moreover, it is designed to use Alexa, Amazon's official digital assistant. You can ask it to create shopping lists, order items automatically, or check the latest discounted deals for Alexa users.

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#6: Hi-Tech Grocery Deliveries (Amazon Fresh)

Many people ditch brick-and-mortar stores in favor of online grocery shopping. This is especially evident after the pandemic has made it difficult to go outside. Amazon has seen this potential and introduced Amazon Fresh, a game-changing grocery delivery service for Amazon Prime members in selected cities.

Consumers simply sign in to their Amazon account and start shopping using the Fresh app. They can customize the type of delivery (attended or unattended) and the delivery time slot. Moreover, they can use Alexa to help shop for items faster. 

#7: Seller Badges (Amazon Prime)

Ecommerce is a highly-competitive industry. Some are lucky enough to win the game, while others stay below and tirelessly figure their way up. One way to help your Amazon client rank higher is to use seller badges, such as Amazon Prime.

Prime is a paid membership service that allows members to get ad-free music, unlimited photos, TV shows, movies, and Kindle books. For businesses, they can win the Buy Box, a featuring spot for qualified sellers. It gives them more market exposure, which plays a huge role in business growth.

#8: Mobile Shopping (Amazon App)

Digital shoppers today prefer to shop using their smartphones. According to the most recent data, there are roughly 5.22 billion mobile users today, and it will continue to grow. Therefore, it only makes sense for e-commerce businesses to make mobile-friendly platforms.

Amazon is one of them! The Amazon app has a mobile-friendly interface that allows consumers to buy products or browse inspiration on the go. It's one of the most popular shopping apps today, with over 76 percent of users making room for the app and actually keeping it. 

#9: Single-Product Ecommerce

You'll have clients who sell one product, and you might worry that those with massive catalogs will overpower them. But the truth is, quantity isn't a prerequisite to success; therefore, both are capable of winning. A benefit of one-product ecommerce is that you can dedicate more attention to one item and avoid the hassle of managing multiple products.

Amazon seems just like a massive catalog of various products, but it's not! It also offers single-product services for a more tailored shopping and selling experience. Examples are Amazon Books, Amazon Fashion, Amazon Handmade, Amazon Inspire, and more.

#10: Enhanced Customer Support (AAM)

Customer service has always been a significant part of client retention, but many businesses still fail to provide adequate support. Nowadays, consumers stay for a brand only if it has (1) personalized, (2) omnichannel, and (3) real-time communication. Besides, who wants to wait hours for a response, especially if it's an issue you can fix in a few minutes?

This is why chatbots and social media messaging are so popular. But besides that, there's someone from Amazon who can assist sellers with quick fixes and business strategies: an account manager (yes, that's you in the near future!) You can help them set up a seller account, launch a product, and track data.

A Trend for a 10: Help Your Client Make the Most of Amazon Trends

In ecommerce, trends aren't just popular things that entertain people. Instead, they're tools and strategies potentially beneficial to a business. Hence, Amazon sellers must stay updated with these things and find ways to implement them effectively.

As an aspiring Amazon account manager, you will be responsible for helping your clients make the most of these. Some of them might have difficulty understanding the concepts and juggling tasks. You can take charge, help them learn the ropes of the platform, and make a positive difference in their journey!

Digital Academy's Amazon Online Certification Courses

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That will take you more than 5 courses, so let's take it one Amazon course at a time. If you're looking to start or advance a management career in ecommerce, it's important to understand trends and how they can be of use.

Taking the First Step to Account Management

Digital Academy offers Amazon certificate courses to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this field. Moreover, our training course is neither an Amazon seller certification course nor an AWS certification training; it's for an aspiring Amazon account manager, not an AWS certified solutions architect.

And if you want to extend your services or become an AWS solution architect, you can take an AWS course, AWS exam, or other Amazon specialty certification later. These courses are interrelated, but there will be differences between an AWS certification exam and an AAM exam.

That said, we might still briefly discuss subjects such as the Amazon AWS platform, AWS security, AWS certified cloud practitioner system, and other concepts on information technology.

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