Do you want to kickstart your Amazon virtual assistant career? If you want to fetch clients and offer your services, you should be well-equipped with the basic know-how about the ins and outs of the Amazon marketplace. The best Amazon selling courses will teach you everything you must know (like product research and FBA) to help your clients’ Amazon business take off.

Here are some things you should keep an eye out for when searching for the best Amazon selling course for your Amazon account manager journey.

Is Amazon Training Worth My Time and Money?

As a buyer, navigating through Amazon’s website may seem easy. You will find menus and pages exactly where you expect them to be. Simply put, using the platform as a buyer seems straightforward. However, on the other side of this online facade, you will discover a more complicated web of pages and options that would be tricky to learn on your own.

Here’s where Amazon seller training courses come in. Instead of fruitlessly trying to learn the basics of the Amazon online marketplace on your own, an Amazon course will provide you with a complete package containing the basics of selling on the platform.

For instance, a proper Amazon course will teach crucial things like keyword and product research, inventory management, handling shipment and fulfillment, the Amazon brand registry, and fees.

What to Look For When Choosing an Amazon Course

If you have decided that an Amazon course is worth your time and money, you are ready for the next step. Take the plunge by taking an Amazon course! Unfortunately, hundreds of Amazon courses are offered online, making choosing one a daunting process. So how can you set apart the good seller courses from the bad ones?

Read through this section to know how to pick the best Amazon course perfect for your needs!


Before reviewing the course syllabus, you should check how much money you have in your wallet. How much cash are you willing to invest in an Amazon course? Usually, course providers offer their courses in different tiers with corresponding prices. 

For instance, the entry-level tier comes with the cheapest price tag but only includes barebones content. Meanwhile, the most expensive tiers may include one-on-one coaching with an instructor and other exclusive materials. These can be worth it if you have the money to spare and wish to learn everything you can about selling on the Amazon marketplace.

When considering which tier to subscribe to, check the inclusions and decide whether they are worth the money they are asking for.


How certain are you that the person who wrote the Amazon course is knowledgeable enough about the subject matter? There are many questions like this one that you should ask yourself as you browse through the courses and their respective course outlines. Here are some inquiries you should make before you lock in on an Amazon course:

  • Does the author have experience providing Amazon services as a virtual assistant, account manager, or an FBA seller?
  • If so, how long has the author been working in the ecommerce field?
  • Did the author ever have a remarkable breakthrough or unique product idea while working as a seller, account manager, or virtual assistant on Amazon?
  • How well did the Amazon business perform while under their management?
  • What sets the author and their Amazon online selling course apart from the hundreds of courses online?

Remember, anyone can write an entire course filled with information you can easily search on the internet. But not everyone can give you the minutiae details and real-world challenges of working as a virtual assistant without having experienced it themselves. Most times, these nuggets of practical knowledge can be more valuable than the technical aspects of the field.


A good Amazon course covers a wide range of topics that a beginner account manager or virtual assistant should know. Managing a store on Amazon entails more than being familiar with the Amazon Seller Central. You should also master dealing with your client to meet their expectations. A good Amazon course should cover all these things and more.

This aspect of the Amazon course becomes especially important if you are a career shifter. Most likely, you know nothing about Amazon aside from its client-facing features and dealing with customer service. Any aspiring virtual assistant or account manager starting a career from scratch should be able to take on a client and reach online retail mastery by the end of the Amazon course.


Not only should the Amazon course cover a huge scope, but it should also tackle them in depth. The course should not only tackle the surface level of each item on its course syllabus. The depth of the course will depend on how knowledgeable and experienced the writer is. If the course writer only had limited experience on the platform, he would run out of things to write about.

However, the Amazon course shouldn’t overextend itself by going too deep into each topic. Otherwise, it will easily overwhelm beginners with too much information that they might not need anyway. A good Amazon course tackles each topic in its course syllabus in the length and depth appropriate for its target audience.


Are you familiar with “YouTube University?” While it is not an actual university you can enroll in, the term implies that you can learn everything you want on the video-sharing platform. If the Amazon course has content you can learn from YouTube or Amazon's own Seller University anyway, you shouldn’t consider taking it. Why bother paying for something you can get for free?

The course content should be exclusive to you, paying course takers. You shouldn't be paying for course content that you can get from the internet for free. Otherwise, you would be wasting your money. Make sure that you get ahead of the competition by taking advantage of exclusive content from your Amazon training course.


As a new Amazon virtual assistant or account manager, the courses you take must be designed for your knowledge and experience level. Some courses can be too hard to absorb because they were not written with newbies in mind. There are course providers that explicitly indicate the difficulty level of their courses, so be on the lookout for those.

Diverse Content

Reading walls of text can easily burn you out. A good Amazon course should have multimedia content, which includes static images, graphs, charts, and video lessons. Having diverse content can help a beginner virtual assistant or account manager like yourself finish the course without burnout. 


Will you be able to reach out to other students or your instructors once you enroll in a course? Establishing rapport with your fellow students and your instructors may not be everyone, but it certainly helps some learners gain confidence and instill a sense of accountability in themselves. Check whether you can form discussion threads on each module in the course.


There are hundreds of thousands of Amazon stores on the platform. Many employ virtual assistants or account managers to keep them running and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Thus, the market for Amazon VA courses is huge! People are looking for a quick cash-grab to exploit the demand for Amazon VA courses and churn out subpar courses. Beware!

Take the Plunge With Digital Academy

Skip the hassle of browsing hundreds of Amazon courses online by taking an Amazon seller VA course from Digital Academy. The Digital Academy AAM Certification Course covers everything a budding virtual assistant or account manager should know about Amazon, client servicing, and more. The course has ten modules, with each tackling its respective topic in depth.

  • Module 1: Introduction: First Things First
  • Module 2: Building You: How to Win Before You Even Begin
  • Module 3: Starting Your Journey
  • Module 4: Amazon 101
  • Module 5: How to Effectively Do Keyword and Product Research
  • Module 6: All About the Product Listing
  • Module 7: Strategies for Advertising and Product Launching
  • Module 8: Account Maintenance and Inventory
  • Module 9: Other Skills You Will Need
  • Module 10: Working in the Industry

The Digital Academy course offers a complete packing for any new virtual assistant and account manager. After completing the ten modules in this Amazon boot camp, you will feel more confident when taking on new clients and managing an Amazon store. So take the contents of this comprehensive course as your definitive starter kit as you take your first steps into the world of ecommerce.

The Bottom Line

Working as a virtual assistant or account manager for multiple clients can be a very lucrative job. However, if you wish to have as many clients as you can manage, you need to be able to show off your expertise in ecommerce in general and in Amazon in particular. An Amazon seller course will provide you with the proper skillset and knowledge to become the best seller virtual assistant. As a bonus, Digital Academy offers a 50%-off grand launching sale!


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