Have you ever clicked on a sponsored Amazon ad, thought, "What a clever strategy for business growth," and wished to learn how it's done? That simple thought has brought you here, an article that will help you prepare for an account management career!

As an aspiring account manager, you're fully aware of how essential advertising is to an Amazon business. And among many strategies, pay-per-click (PPC) stands out for its cost-effective, fast, and measurable benefits.

But here's the catch. PPC can be difficult to understand for those without prior knowledge or skills. Don't worry; Digital Academy can help! Our AAM course is the perfect way to learn all about Amazon advertising. 

Let's go through some essential PPC concepts you'll learn in this advanced Amazon PPC course!

A Beginner's First Steps to Amazon PPC: What Digital Academy's Amazon PPC Course Can Teach You

If you want to take your first steps to learn Amazon PPC with advanced, expert tips, this is it! Digital Academy's Amazon account management course is exactly what you need. In this course, you'll learn everything about helping your clients dominate the ecommerce competition using PPC ads.

Let's discuss six of the most important lessons our course can teach you about Amazon advertising!

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#1: Introduction to Amazon PPC and Types of Campaigns

Naturally, our course will first teach you what Amazon PPC advertising is all about. As you may already know, PPC is a marketing strategy in which businesses pay for every click on their ad. Google Ads is one common example, but Amazon has its own PPC platform.

You'll also learn about the different types of PPC campaigns available on Amazon: Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display. Recognize their differences and pick the best advertising solution for your client's business.

#2: Campaign Structure and Setup

After understanding the basics of Amazon PPC, you'll learn how to create a PPC campaign next. In this section of our AAM course, you'll find out when to use manual and automatic campaigns. 

We'll also teach you how to properly outline and set up the campaign structure. Setting campaigns can be daunting for many Amazon sellers, so it'll be super helpful if they can have a capable manager like you to help them!

#3: Monitoring Campaigns Using Reports and Metrics

Amazon ad campaigns are not a one-time thing. Implementing them is just the beginning; you also have to track their progress moving forward. In a PPC Amazon course, you'll learn about setting PPC campaign metrics and collecting data in various PPC reports. 

This also involves using popular tracking tools like Helium 10 and Google Analytics. All these efforts will help you and your client identify how well the Amazon ads perform. If they're not delivering the desired results, you can quickly assess how to improve their efficiency and increase brand awareness.

#4: Developing Proposals and Launch Strategies

Now that you have your campaign metrics and progress reports, it's time to think about building strategies to make your marketing even more effective. This course section will teach you how to develop business proposals and aggressive launch strategies (if your client plans to sell a new product).

These strategies range from on to off-Amazon applications, such as affiliate marketing, Google ad, Bing ads, social media marketing, Amazon SEO with an Amazon SEO consultant, or integrating an Amazon PPC software for better performance. The competition on Amazon is tough, so your clients will appreciate your expert assistance and advice.

#5: PPC Budgeting

Another important part of a marketing campaign you shouldn't ignore is the advertising cost. PPC may be a cost-effective marketing strategy but can also come with budget risks. If structured incorrectly, you might end up with a huge financial loss.

This part of the course teaches you how to be cautious with your ad spend. What are the best keywords you can bid for? What type of campaign to launch? Should you automate it or not? Will outsourcing for a PPC team help? You'll discuss these matters with your client and come up with solutions.

#6: Working With a PPC Team

Is your client serious about their PPC marketing goals? They might consider building an in-house team or outsourcing to a reliable PPC agency. In most cases, businesses would need to rely on more than one person. 

In this course, you'll discover how to be an effective main contact in working with a PPC team.

What is the team's role in the growth of an Amazon business? How can you, the account manager, help ensure that the team knows and does their tasks well? How will you gather metrics and collaborate with them in building effective strategies?

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11 Other Things You'll Learn From Our Amazon Account Manager Course

We hope our sneak peek of the Amazon PPC outline encourages you to join and become a PPC expert soon! Meanwhile, here's a preview of other things you'll learn from our AAM course besides PPC campaigns.

Team and Role Introduction

Get to know our incredible team and what makes us worth your guide to a successful Amazon career. We will also discuss what makes a winning account manager and what this certification course can do for your career.

Soft Skills of an Account Manager

The key to success in an AAM career is not just about hard skills but also soft skills! We'll walk you through the secrets of self-confidence, proper business communication, dealing with objections, and client retention.

The First Steps to Helping Your Client Grow

Once you secure a client, you need to guide them on starting with the real work. We'll discuss checking their account status, analyzing their products, services, and competitors, your first meeting with a client, A/B testing, and preparing for the launching phase.

Learning the Ropes of Amazon

Familiarize yourself with the platform to help solve your client's concerns. Understand how the platform's features and systems work. These include the Brand Registry, product listing structure, the Amazon Seller Central dashboard, product terminologies (SKU, FNSKU, ASIN, and UPC), and types of Amazon sellers.

Product Listing Optimization

Learn how to optimize your client's product listings using various tools and methods. These include keyword research, image and video optimization, generating enhanced listing copies, and using helpful tools like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout.

PPC and Other Amazon Advertising Methods

Discover many advertising opportunities on Amazon and determine how to use them to your advantage. Examples are PPC campaigns, Amazon deals and coupons, winning the Buy Box spot, FBM shipping promotions, subscriptions, cross-promotions, and more.

Account and Inventory Maintenance

AAM isn't just about hitting your client’s goals once; it's also about maintaining and continuously improving what you have. In this course, learn how to manage buyer-seller feedback and shipping policies, from creating shipment plans to sending items to an Amazon FBA warehouse. You'll also learn about managing inventory and troubleshooting fulfillment issues.

Sales-Driven Amazon Strategies

Help your clients drive more sales by making the most of Amazon's digital marketing opportunities. These include product badges (.e.g, Amazon's Choice tag), ASIN and category targeting, Amazon posts engagement, and sponsored display campaigns.

Off-Amazon Marketing Strategies

Help your client dominate a high rank in the ecommerce competition with marketing strategies out of Amazon. These involve social media marketing strategies to drive sales, funneling, optimizing your ecommerce website, and many more.

Ecommerce Branding

Know the significance of having a reputable brand and discover ways to achieve branding success. This course covers effective brand communication, branding personality and marketing mix, branding lessons from successful businesses, and specific Amazon branding strategies (e.g., brand registry, protection, enhanced content, awareness audit, and campaigns).

In-Depth Discussions About Working in the Industry

We're not done yet! In this course module, we'll also have an in-depth discussion about what it's really like to work in this industry. Find out the different teams and their roles in growing a business, the challenges you will face as an account manager, and upgrading your credentials to get more clients. The best part? You'll hear all these from account managers themselves!

From an Aspiring Entrepreneur to a Successful Amazon Account Manager Slash PPC Expert

The best is yet to come! Aim for an account management career if you're interested in helping businesses make their successful way on the Amazon marketplace. This puts you as the primary contact between the sellers and the management. You'll assist them in setting up an account, fixing various issues, and building effective growth strategies.

But I'm Not From the USA. Can I Still Become an Account Manager for Amazon?

Suppose you're from the Philippines and wonder if you can still qualify for an Amazon account management career. Our answer is yes, absolutely! Digital Academy is a great solution for aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs who want to upskill their VA skills and specialize in helping businesses grow further on Amazon.

And if you're looking for something specific like the best Amazon PPC course, look no further than Digital Academy! Our AAM course includes everything you need to know about Amazon and account management basics, including a PPC on Amazon course section.

So hurry up and join us now, and don't miss out on our 50% grand launching sale!


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