Managing an ecommerce business is not easy. This explains why there are so many job opportunities in this field. Whether aiming to be a certified developer, a cloud architect, or an Amazon account manager, you need the necessary skills and training to fulfill your responsibilities effectively. 

So, are you interested in becoming an effective Amazon account manager? Then, a comprehensive online training course can assist you to excel in this role.

This article will discuss how training can help you prepare for your duties as an account manager. We'll also help you understand how certifications such as the Amazon Web Service (AWS) certification can benefit you in climbing the ladder in your career. 

What Exactly Is Online Training for Amazon?

Amazon training online programs are designed to provide employees with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their roles. In addition, the programs are self-paced and can be taken anytime, making them convenient for busy schedules. 

Perhaps you've heard of the Amazon FBA course and Amazon seller training. However, there are significant differences between the two. An Amazon FBA course will typically provide more comprehensive training on how to list and ship products and take advantage of Amazon's fulfillment services. 

On the other hand, the Amazon Seller Training course is often more focused on general business skills and marketing strategies. The best way to decide which option is right for you is to assess your needs and goals as an Amazon virtual assistant or account manager. 

Is Amazon's Work-Based Learning Program Different?

The work-based learning program, on the other hand, differs from the Amazon FBA course and the Amazon Online Seller Training course. It's more focused on developing the data analytics skill of an aspiring Amazon expert. 

One of the most popular learning and development programs is the AWS course. Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive and dynamic cloud platform provided by Amazon. The AWS fundamental includes a broad set of global cloud-based products, including cloud computing, Amazon simple storage service, data analytics, networking, mobile, development tools, and AWS-certified security. 

An AWS course empowers employees to gain strong cloud computing skills, set up and manage an Amazon Web Service account, and implement an AWS solution. The AWS training program also has a machine learning course where you can learn and get hands-on experience working with big data sets. 

At the end of your AWS training, you'll be able to gain your AWS certification and level up your career as a certified cloud practitioner, an AWS solutions architect, or an AWS-certified developer. 

What Does an Amazon Account Manager Do?

Now that you know about the different Amazon training programs, including AWS training, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the duties and responsibilities of an Amazon account manager. 

You’ll need to develop and maintain relationships with Amazon sellers by working closely with them to help them grow their businesses on the Amazon platform. Here are some of the duties of an Amazon account manager:

Helps Amazon Sellers Get Started

There are still some Amazon sellers who are unaware of how the Amazon marketplace works. An account manager like you can help sellers create an Amazon account, create an Amazon listing setup, optimize search engines in Google, and prepare the product.  

Helps With Business Strategies

As an account manager, you must create ecommerce strategies for Amazon sellers. This will guide them in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their ecommerce business. 

Communicates With Experts

If sellers have issues with their Amazon accounts, you can help by communicating their concerns to a team of experts. The specialists may cover areas ranging from monitoring PPC advertising to inventory issues. 

Regular Monitoring and Account Updates

As an Amazon account manager, you must keep track of daily to yearly goals. Amazon sellers will also consult you on significant areas of your business strategy, such as account health, advertising, or shipping management, to name a few. 

4 Skills You’ll Need to Become a Great Account Manager

Being an Amazon account manager requires a specific set of skills. If you're thinking of becoming an Amazon account manager or are already in the role and want to improve your skills, here are four key areas you'll need to focus on.


As an Amazon account manager, you'll be responsible for managing inventory, listing products, dealing with customer queries, and more. This means keeping on top of many tasks and ensuring everything runs smoothly. 


You need to communicate effectively with both customers and suppliers. This includes being able to resolve queries and complaints quickly and efficiently. 

Data Analytics

You'll need to be able to track sales data and trends, so having a good knowledge of numbers is a plus. This means being able to understand and interpret numbers quickly and easily. Having strong mathematical skills will also come in handy when it comes to negotiating prices with suppliers.


Above all, you'll need to be familiar with Amazon's policies. As an Amazon account manager, it's your job to ensure that your listings comply with Amazon's guidelines. This means a good understanding of the types of products allowed on the site, as well as the keywords and phrases that will most likely result in a sale. 

amazon online training - an Amazon account manager performing tasks

4 Ways Amazon Online Training Courses Can Help You Become an Effective Account Manager

Now that you already have an idea of the duties and skills of an Amazon account manager let's take a walk through the learning process. There are a variety of online training courses that can be useful to improve your knowledge of Amazon processes and basic digital analytics skills. 

Here are some ways an online Amazon training course can help you become more effective in your craft:

Provide You With Necessary Skills and Knowledge

You can acquire the skills and knowledge required to be a successful account manager by taking Amazon training courses. You'll learn how to manage customer accounts, create and manage orders, and resolve any issues that may arise with your clients. 

Similar to how an AWS-certified solutions architect or an AWS developer undergoes AWS training or Amazon AWS learning to hone a skill, you should also invest in expanding your knowledge and enriching your skills.  

Practice Amazon Tools and Features

As an aspiring account manager, you’ll also learn how to efficiently use Amazon tools and resources through participating in online training courses. These classes are made to introduce you to the key features of AWS services.

By completing the online Amazon training course, aspiring account managers like you will be able to confidently and effectively use the tools and resources available on the Amazon platform. 

Earn a Certification 

Landing a career in this industry is becoming more competitive. For instance, in Amazon Web Services, an aspiring AWS-certified cloud practitioner needs to undergo AWS certification training to show how proficient he is in handling big data and AWS cloud computing skills. 

Similarly, upon completing your Amazon Seller training course, you'll receive a certificate of achievement demonstrating your proficiency as an Amazon account manager. This certification will help you land a job and eventually become an account manager who will be able to help Amazon merchants. 

Opportunities to Network

Joining an online training course will allow you to network with other Amazon account managers. By doing so, you'll have access to valuable resources and data and be able to communicate the best practices with your peers.

Some best practices for Amazon account management that you'll be able to learn from others include optimizing listings, managing inventory levels, and dealing with customer queries.

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To be successful as an Amazon account manager, you'll need to develop skills in customer service, negotiation, problem-solving, and time management. But if you're willing to put in the time and effort, you can become a successful Amazon account manager. Just make sure to get the right training first.

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