Learning Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one of the trickiest topics you might encounter within the Amazon marketplace. Its various components are hard to swallow, particularly security and analytical parts.

Nevertheless, becoming a proficient Amazon Web Services learner enables your client to face certain challenges of the online marketplace in many different ways. 

Ready to explore the environment of the huge cloud-computing infrastructure? Keep reading!

Why Should You Learn AWS as an Account Manager?

Before we proceed with the setbacks of learning AWS, we should first know the paramount importance of this cloud-computing technology in managing Amazon businesses.

Amazon Web Services, which Amazon introduced in 2006, still offers online services to businesses and individuals on a pay-as-you-go basis. These application services include storage, computing power, databases, and networking. Since then, businesses have been using this cloud computing platform to reduce IT costs and increase agility.

That said, powering a business through cloud computing should be a part of your strategy as an Amazon expert. Here’s why:

  • Becoming AWS certified will let you better understand the direction of this moving industry and how your clients can benefit from these changes. 
  • AWS will enable you to provide valuable insights and professional guidance about the eCommerce sector.
  • AWS will help you run into cutting-edge technologies like AI machines. Using these will give you a competitive edge as they become more ubiquitous. 

The Barriers to Learning AWS Fundamentals

Overwhelming and daunting are two words you may say when initially working with Amazon’s cloud computing platform. The reason is that some barriers hinder you from grasping the fundamental concepts and smoothing your sailing.

What are these? Let’s find out!

Barrier #1: Understanding the Basics

The AWS cloud platform has many moving pieces, such as storage, networking, databases, and computing resources. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get lost in its details, especially if you haven’t yet figured out the basics. Therefore, you might decide to give off learning AWS entirely.

Barrier #2: Lack of Hands-On Experience

Many online resources can provide theoretical knowledge, but nothing can replace the practical experience of working with AWS.

Without real-world knowledge, it might impede your success in learning AWS, like how to set up and configure AWS services, build and deploy applications, or troubleshoot problems. 

Barrier #3: Cost of AWS Platform

AWS’s free tier offers a great way to start with cloud computing. However, signing up for a paid account is required to access all of AWS’s features and functionality. 

This setup can quickly become expensive, especially if you’re not careful with your resource utilization. Therefore, planning and choosing the right package for your needs is important. With careful planning, you can avoid incurring large expenses and stay within your budget.

Barrier #4: The Complexity of AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is an online database where finding, testing, buying, and deploying software products on Amazon Web Service is easy. But, on the other hand, it’s also a broad and ever-changing territory where many factors change from time to time. These are a few illustrations:

  • The market offers a wide range of products, from simple one-click deployments to more complex products that require integration with other AWS services.
  • There is a lot of pricing variability, with some products offered for free and others requiring a subscription or pay-as-you-go model.
  • The market is always evolving as new products are added. Consequently, staying up to date with the latest services is formidable.

Barrier #5: Finding Quality Resources

Sifting through the vast amount of data is arduous when learning AWS. Still, finding quality resources will help you fill your learning gaps and catch up with the information.

The only hard part is some resources might be stale or irrelevant now. Also, other free resources couldn’t provide real insights about the AWS identity, making the learning process even more difficult. 

Barrier #6: Time Management

Other students attempt to learn all information in one go and then wonder why they can never seem to finish.

It may seem unimportant, but being realistic about the time investment required is one of the best things to learn about the pillars of AWS cloud computing. You can start by approaching the course with a plan to break it down into manageable pieces. This way, you can devote yourself to each section without feeling bogged down.

Barrier #7: Fear of Change

When learning about Amazon Web Services (AWS), your fear can manifest in a reluctance to try new AWS features or in resistance to using AWS altogether. You might worry that you won’t be able to keep up, make a mistake, and be forced to start over.

But the truth is this: confronting your anxiousness and accepting change lead you to discover a world of opportunities. So don’t be afraid to take the plunge and learn something new. It might turn out to be the wisest decision you’ll ever make.

Barrier #8: Fear of Failure

Failure can paralyze you when you don’t want to make a mistake while learning Amazon Web Services. So the only real method to effectively understand the platform is to dive in and use it bravely.

You might make a few errors along the way, but that’s how you learn and become better at using AWS. 

Barrier #9: Lack of Support System

A major barrier for some when learning AWS is the lack of a support system. Often people rely on colleagues, friends, or family to help guide them through new technologies. But, finding others with similar interests cannot be easy when exploring AWS. This feeling can lead to isolation and discouragement.

Barrier #10: Technical Nature

The hardest part of learning AWS is getting the technicalities. For example, unlike other cloud providers, AWS does not offer a GUI (graphical user interface). For this reason, you must be comfortable working with command-line tools and configuring text-based files to use its application services. 

To make matters worse, keeping track of the AWS technical jargon can be difficult to remember. Even experienced developers are apprehensive about keeping track of all the different service names and acronyms.

AWS Learning Path: The Best Way to Learn Amazon Web Services

Learn amazon web services - man looking at analytics

Despite the hurdles in comprehending Amazon Web Services, don’t push yourself into learning the idea quickly. Instead, take a step back and try to decipher all lessons gradually until you embrace their nature. 

One way to slowly break the barrier is through AWS Learning Path. Its courses are designed for people who want to pursue a career or build on their skills in cloud computing. 

This Amazon deep learning service covers every facet of AWS, from simple to more complex subjects like:

  • AWS Management Console
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM)
  • AWS Cloudformation
  • AWS Amazon Sagemaker
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Cloud Quest
  • AWS EC2

The goal is not to make you an expert overnight but to give you the tools you need to slowly become more comfortable and confident with AWS. Who knows? You might play other roles in the future, whether AWS Solutions Architect, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, or AWS Data Engineer.

Power up Your Amazon Skills in Digital Academy

In conclusion, learning Amazon Web Services is a requirement if you want to keep your skills sharp for the digital age and help move businesses to the top. 

Don’t worry, though! E-commerce institutions such as Digital Academy can help you break through those AWS barriers and get up to speed with the foundation of AWS in no time. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to confidently identify which services are best suited for your clients and use them as soon as possible.

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