How to start a career in Amazon? The question is simple, but the answer involves an overwhelming list of jobs and certifications.

You've decided to upskill your virtual assistant abilities on Amazon, but you're unsure where to begin. There are several opportunities, such as account management and web services, but you can't tell which one is best for you.

We can't blame you; for someone with little knowledge about the ecommerce platform, it's easy to get lost in the weeds. But worry not! This post can help you understand what makes these jobs different.

First, let's compare the difference between two prominent Amazon jobs: AAM and AWS Amazon training and certification!

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Career Choices: AAM vs. AWS Amazon Training Certification

Amazon Account Management (AAM) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are two of the most in-demand options for job seekers. This is because both departments focus on two of the most common problems ecommerce businesses face today: time management and data storage.

Each has its own pros and cons, so it can be hard to decide which certification you should get. So let's learn more about these two certification courses and find what suits you best!

Training Purpose

Each certification course talks about a specific subject with a specific purpose, which makes all the difference. So ask yourself this: what do I wish to achieve with the course I'm taking? Specific questions like this help you narrow down your job search.

Here's the difference between what an AAM and AWS course can teach you.

AAM Focuses on Account and Customer Support

Do you want to get better at client communication? Would you be willing to deal with diverse clients and work as the main point of contact for account issues? Do you aspire to play a significant role in helping other businesses grow? Are you new to Amazon's system?

If the questions above tick all your boxes, then an Amazon account manager course is perfect for you. AAM focuses on developing your skills in account and customer services. You'll learn how to communicate with your clients to help them set up an account, launch a product, fix an issue, create marketing strategies, and monitor their progress.

AWS Focuses on Cloud Services

On the other hand, maybe you prefer to learn about a specific technology. For example, are you interested in cloud computing and development services? Do you want to learn how to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on the AWS platform? Do you have prior knowledge and skills relating to Amazon? 

In that case, AWS training is a better choice for you. This Amazon branch offers over 200 cloud services (e.g., AWS accelerator, AWS Lambda, AWS Identity, Amazon S3, AWS SDK, Amazon EC2, and many more.) So imagine the list of opportunities you could have!

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Daily Responsibilities

Naturally, each certification course offers a different set of day-to-day tasks. Here's a quick overview of what you can expect to accomplish as an account manager vs. an AWS specialist.

AAM Certification Roles

  1. Act as the internal advocate and communicator for vendor inquiries and requests.
  2. Analyze data and recommend business strategies to sellers.
  3. Create and deliver reports tailored to each seller's needs and goals.
  4. Educate sellers about terminologies, technical processes, platform policies, and tools.
  5. Pitch marketing opportunities to help sellers grow their revenue.
  6. Work with multiple internal stakeholders to fix issues and gather necessary data.
  7. Help set up, manage, and maintain seller accounts.

AWS Certification Training Roles

  1. AWS-Certified Cloud Practitioner - An AWS exam to validate your cloud skills and foundational knowledge of the AWS service.
  2. Associate AWS solutions architect exam - Design and implement distributed AWS systems.
  3. Professional Exam for AWS-Certified Solutions Architect - Design, deploy, and evaluate AWS applications for more diverse and complex needs.
  4. Associate Exam for AWS-Certified SysOps Administrator - Deploy, operate, and manage AWS workloads.
  5. Professional AWS-Certified DevOps Engineer - Automate AWS infrastructure and applications tests and deployment.
  6. Associate AWS Developer - Write and utilize cloud applications.
  7. Specialty AWS-certified advanced networking - Map out and maintain network architecture for AWS services.
  8. Specialty AWS Data Analytics - Analyze and get insights from structured and unstructured AWS-certified big data.
  9. Specialty AWS Database - Design, maintain, and propose optimal solutions for the AWS database.
  10. Specialty AWS-Certified Machine Learning - Create, train, tune, and implement ML models on the platform.
  11. Specialty AWS-Certified Security - Secure workloads and data in the AWS cloud system.
  12. Specialty SAP on AWS - Map out, implement, operate, and optimize SAP (another cloud platform) workloads.

Cloud or Communication? That is the Question

So, what's your career choice? Do you want to amaze clients with your communication skills or help them make the most of safe and efficient cloud technology? Do you like the title of an AWS solution architect or an Amazon account manager?

Whether you want account management or Amazon web service certification training, make sure you study their differences to make an informed decision.

To sum it up, AAM is perfect for complete beginners who aspire to actively help sellers grow their businesses. Meanwhile, an AWS certification exam requires some experience to implement development and operational changes to the platform.

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