You're interested in a position in great demand right now: an Amazon account manager. Unfortunately, it can be difficult in a big market, and the fact that you're not from the US makes it even harder.

You're aware of that, so you're trying your best to learn the ropes, from product listing management to off-Amazon marketing. That, however, isn't everything you'll need. Do you know what else can make it work and last? Soft skills.

But I only have to work online. Are soft skills still necessary? Absolutely! Our quick Amazon training online 101 tells you why and what exactly these soft skills are to help you toughen up in the ecommerce game.

The Essence of Soft Skills in the Ecommerce Environment

If you think soft skills aren't important in ecommerce, think again. On the contrary, you actually need to double your efforts. This is because humans connect emotionally, which can be difficult in a limited, non-face-to-face area like the digital world.

It'll be easy for your clients to misunderstand your intentions or feel a lack of inclusivity. For these reasons, it's essential to learn soft skills. They will help you grow as an account manager that can provide good and personalized customer support.

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Amazon Online Training: 9 Soft Skills to Become a Winning Amazon Account Manager

Now that you understand how important soft skills are, let's get to the point. What traits should you have to become a winning Amazon account manager? It's easier said than done, so let's learn them one by one!

#1: Value Yourself

First and foremost, you must have confidence in your abilities. It might take time, especially if you're new to it, but believe that you can accomplish it like the Amazon professionals do (or even better). Be modest enough to acknowledge your level, but keep the enthusiasm and add some worth to yourself.

#2: Value Your Clients

Amazon is a customer-centric company. Therefore, they'll expect and appreciate having an account manager who values their clients just as much. They are one of the reasons you can do what you enjoy, so always treat them with importance. It's tough to empathize with them at times, but try to be professional and optimistic.

#3: Research and Ask Questions

Knowledge can also help you develop self-confidence. There's nothing more daunting than not understanding what you signed up for. At first, Amazon will seem like a huge, impossible dream. But if you research and ask relevant questions about its system, you can always make your way around it in the best methods possible.

#4: Plan and Anticipate

A great Amazon account manager knows it's not always peaches and cream at work. On some days, you need to be more reactive than proactive. Some situations will prompt you to think on your feet and make sound decisions in difficult situations. Consider what could happen if these situations occurred, and create a plan to address them.

#5: Assess Yourself Realistically

It's just as important to be honest and realistic with yourself as to have self-esteem. If you know your strengths, know your weaknesses too. Learn how to deal with client objections, accept your mistakes, and take valuable lessons from them to do better next time. This way, you can work on your goals with a clear head.

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#6: Think and Communicate Like a Business Partner

Think of it like this. You're not just an Amazon account manager; you're also a business partner. It's your duty to provide valuable assistance, insights, and recommendations to grow a business and customer relationship. Be proactive and communicate in a way your clients can see that your plans are for the best.

#7: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

The little details matter in Amazon account management. Overlooking them can cause minor to major consequences. On the other hand, you also need to know when not to sweat the small things.

For example, if a client requests something that isn't part of the policy, don't dwell on it too much. Instead, propose a better solution that meets the platform's requirements while taking into account your duties as an account manager.

#8: Make Time for the Things You Love Doing

As rewarding and convenient as it might be, Amazon account management can also be demanding. You'll juggle multiple tasks, meet tight deadlines, and fix one issue after another. But don't forget to prioritize work-life balance. Make time for the things you like, and come back feeling refreshed and ready to top the game again!

#9: Have the Grit to Try Again

Successful Amazon account managers accomplish things differently. But they all have one soft ability in common: the grit to try. First, they give things a shot and evaluate the good and bad points. Then, they try again. As an aspiring account manager, you must know the value of grit and learn how to use it to your advantage.

It Takes a Soft Skill to Become Tough

As you can see, being a winning Amazon account manager requires more than just technical skills. You must also have soft skills to be a step ahead in the game. Otherwise, you'll only waste time and effort learning hard skills you can't use to your advantage.

So what kind of soft skills should you learn? You must develop self-worth, ask the right questions, be proactive and reactive, be honest with yourself, work like a business partner, learn to recuperate, and always dare to try.

With these skills, you're halfway prepared to become the next winning account manager on Amazon!

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It's not impossible for anyone to succeed in a competitive environment like Amazon. First, you must learn the ropes of the system and give it a shot. Then, you need soft skills to implement them effectively.

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