Suppose you're a young Filipino professional who aspires to work for Amazon FBA. You've heard that it's not an impossible path, so you decide to turn your passion for assisting people into a career. But with little knowledge about the system, you can't make it there alone.

You understand that there is a lot to learn, especially if it involves being the FBA expert who will help an Amazon seller flourish. So you're now looking for guidance and are torn between taking an Amazon FBA mentor or an Amazon training course for FBA.

Both appear to be good ways to help you master the FBA system, but which one is worth your time, energy, and money better? To help you make a decision, let's check out some of the key differences!

5 Key Factors to Help You Choose Between the Best Amazon FBA Mentor and an FBA Course

Starting from the bottom might be challenging if you aim for an Amazon FBA management career. You don't know many details about the complex system, and you haven't a clue how to advise a client in developing competitive shipping strategies. But as challenging as it can get, it's achievable with sufficient training.

That's where Amazon FBA mentors and courses come in handy. Getting both is okay, but you may find it inefficient and costly in the long run. So which path should you take? Find the answer using these five key factors in choosing an Amazon FBA career.

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1. Level of Guidance

What do you want to know about Amazon FBA? How deep do you want to learn about the system? Having a mentor is more hands-on, advanced, personalized, and extensive. Since Amazon mentors have both knowledge and experience, they can teach you important things that aren't covered in the books.

An Amazon course, on the other hand, caters to a more diverse group of learners. So whether you want to start from scratch or jump to specific, advanced techniques, there will always be a training program for you.

2. Purpose for Learning

Before anything else, ask yourself what you want to be once your learning journey is over. Are you planning to become a successful Amazon seller, an account manager, an AWS cloud practitioner, or an FBA coach? Your answer will determine which learning material works best for your needs.

Most Amazon mentors, if not all, are successful FBA sellers. As a result, they will teach you the ropes of the system from a seller's perspective. It's not much of a problem since you'll work closely with sellers as an Amazon expert; however, wouldn't it be easier to comprehend things if they're designed from a management perspective? Amazon courses can do that for you.

3. Learning Flexibility

Which is more effective for you: studying at your own pace or following a structured schedule? If you have other commitments and want to learn things on your own time, then an Amazon FBA training course is ideal. It gives you more than enough time to complete your modules at your leisure.

Amazon mentorship, on the other hand, may provide you with a more customized or consistent schedule. This is more likely since they also have responsibilities requiring strict time management. Sometimes, they will include regular virtual meetings or meetups, which would be unprofessional for you not to attend.

4. Allocated Budget

How much can you spend to build your FBA career? Experience comes at a cost, so opting for an Amazon mentor will be expensive. Of course, it will most likely be worth the investment since you'll get access to advanced, specific, and realistic insights. However, not everyone has the funds for that, especially if your objective is to seek employment.

In that case, choose an FBA training course. For one, there are lots of pricing options, and you will certainly find one that suits your budget! And since we're on the topic of cost, let's consider other expenses like e-books, software, and tools. Most mentors require you to have these before starting your training. But with a course, you might get by with the materials they provide.

5. Learning Preference

Now, the last factor is completely subjective. Do you prefer being part of a class or one-on-one? We're not talking about joining a virtual group because both options allow you to study independently. However, the thing about an online course is that you aren't the only student they have to focus on.

Meanwhile, a mentor is more likely to deal with just one student. So you'll get more help and attention, which is useful if you want to develop specific, advanced abilities fast. Most importantly, they can customize the course outline specifically for you.

A Reminder

Both options are beneficial in their own ways, so it's really up to the factors that greatly influence your career choices. That said, understand that any of the two won't guarantee your success on Amazon. A mentor might have been a successful seller, but it doesn't mean they can replicate the same results for you.

It's the same with a training course. You will get sufficient knowledge from it, but ultimately, you'll have to learn more from your own experience.

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Taking the Online Training Course Route? Here's What You Can Expect

So, what is your career choice? Are you going for an Amazon FBA mentor or an Amazon course? If you're choosing the latter, Digital Academy can help you. The good news is that we don’t focus on Amazon FBA alone. We also teach you account management knowledge and skills if you want to take your FBA career to the next level!

Here’s a preview of our AAM course.

Basics of the Amazon Platform

First, we'll teach you everything about Amazon's simplest to most complex systems. You'll learn about the different sections of the platform (e.g., the Seller Central dashboard, the product selection listing page, the best sellers list, etc.), different types of Amazon sellers, and the programs they offer.

Amazon FBA System and Programs

As mentioned, we're going to teach you the ins and outs of the FBA program. It involves

Amazon FBA shipping regulations, the FBA wholesale partnership program, shipping plan creation, managing FBA inventory, and sending FBA shipments to an FBA warehouse.

What it Takes to Become a Winning Account Manager

What does it mean to be an account manager with whom clients can trust their Amazon business goals? Our certification course will also teach you how to become an account manager with excellent hard and soft skills, and hear them straight from our AM experts! 

These include expertise, effective communication, leadership, dealing with rejections, professionalism, reliability, and grit.

Marketing Strategies

An ideal Amazon account manager can do almost anything, from being a middleman between FBA sellers and the management to a marketing coach! 

We'll tackle how to become an Amazon expert in various marketing fields, such as SEO, retail arbitrage, product listing optimization, Amazon PPC campaigns, FBA shipments, social media marketing, and tool expertise (e.g. Helium and JungleScout).

Account Management

Of course, we can't skip the main subject of this certification course! Learn how to help an Amazon FBA seller manage their account and maintain a good health rating. Monitor order defects, product cancellations and returns, on-time shipments, and delivery tracking rates.

Ensure they comply with the regulations of the Amazon marketplace to avoid costly mistakes and promote a good brand reputation.

Choose Your Career Path to Amazon in 5 Key Factors

So you've finally decided to venture into the world of Amazon FBA as an expert. Unfortunately, you don't have prior knowledge about the platform and the job, so you want to take the best learning path possible. In that case, you must choose between getting an Amazon coach and enrolling in an online certification course.

Both have pros and cons, so it all goes down to the key factors that matter to you. For example, learning from a mentor is more personalized and advanced but costs more. On the other hand, taking a training course is more flexible, experimental, and budget-friendly.

But why pick one when there's no need to? In Digital Academy, we offer an Amazon FBA course module with the best amazon FBA mentors! You never have to choose because you'll get both knowledge and hands-on experience. After completing your training with us, you’re not only equipped with FBA skills but also account management expertise.

So begin your Amazon journey with us and make the most of our 50% grand launching sale!


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