The Digital Academy

eLearning platform brought to you by Team Media.

The Digital Academy is an eLearning portal for the delivery and distribution of learning and development programmes, professional development courses and other training services. The portal offers highly flexible and fully interactive options for delivering your training. We can take your existing training programmes and format them to work using our platform, or we can work with you to create new programmmes and deliver them using this innovative and cost-effective eLearning system.

Video-Based Training Programmes 

The architecture of the portal has been designed to allow full customisation so that each client’s training projects can be delivered using the platform no matter how complex. There is no limit to the number of parts or modules, nor the amount of video or written material that each training programme contains. Learners are fully supported throughout their training with Q&As, forums and FAQ functions as well as live chat options. 

Sophisticated monitoring and reporting functions allow administrators to track the progress of trainees individually, or by department or region.

If you'd like to find out more, please click here, or contact us to arrange a demonstration of the portal.